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Joy Sagar

Spiritualist, Medium, Healer, Teacher & Orator

About Joy

Spirit-led straight from the Heart.

Spiritualist Medium
Psychic Reader
Spiritualist Healer
and much, much more
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Services offered

It is a privilege & honor to serve both sides of the veil. I feel grateful to be able to communicate with your loved ones in The Spirit World

Mediumistic Readings

Linking with your loved ones in the Spirit world

Psychic Readings

Bringing guidance from reading your psyche

Reading for Couples

Joy can read for you and your partner in a shared sitting

Family / Group Readings

Include your family members or group members

Speaking Events

Addressing Church and Fellowships


In Person or via Phone, Zoom, Skype or FaceTime

It is a privilege and honor to communicate with loved ones in spirit.​

A Mediumistic reading, Joy connects with your loved one(s) in the spirit realm and shares with you the messages they communicate, which, through recognition, are acknowledged by you.

An Intuitive reading, on the other hand, reveals information about the past, present, and future that is tangible and relates more to the here and now.

Since we all understand, “life can be life,” a session with Joy brings insight and guidance to you. Joy assesses your auric field to understand the areas in your life that could lay the key to opening up pathways to initiate flow and fulfillment.

We, your Spirit Community with Joy as a Medium, work together to bring peace, hope, and the beneficial information you receive in a session.

As shared with Joy, the sessions are very instrumental in uplifting one’s spirit and bringing transformation on several levels. On some level, these messages allow closure with your loved ones in the spirit realm.

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“The day which we fear as our last is but the birthday of eternity.”
~ Seneca

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wed29may7:00 pmWednesday Night Message Service - Colby Temple, Cassadaga, Florida7-7:20 PM Healing // 7:20-9 PM Demonstration of Spirit Communication


sun02jun10:30 amSunday Service @ The Spiritualist Church of AwarenessHealing Meditation - 10:30 AM // Inspirational Lecture and Demonstration of Spirit Communication - 11:00 AM

sun30jun10:00 amSunday Service @ Spiritualist Chapel of Melbourne, FLService starts at 10 A.M.

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    Have a look at some of the wonderful things people are saying:

    Dear Joy ~ I am deeply grateful for our session this past Saturday. Your highly skilled techniques, interpretations and spiritual advice were phenomenal!!! Your pre appointment communications were excellent which is most important in the planning process. I also appreciate your allowing our session to be recorded for further review and understanding. Having extensive reading materials relating to the astrological portion of our reading is also very informative and helpful as all of the information we discussed resonates.
    While sometimes it can be difficult to discuss certain topics in our lives… of which need to be discussed and addressed… I felt very comfortable and have a deep KNOWING that everything was from a most divine place. You are very easy to talk with, genuinely caring and truly gifted. Thank you for touching my spirit. I look forward to our next session when I return to Cassadaga next time.


    I just wanted to send a big Thank you to Joy for meeting with my crazy family. Our session truly helped us gain some closure but also really re connect as a family. We really got to enjoy each other and our loved ones. I am sure we will be in touch.


    Dear Joy,
    Thank you for the reading last week. It was a pleasure speaking with you. It was truly a great experience. I will be sure to keep you posted as things happen, and I look forward to speaking with you again. Thank you again for such a wonderful experience, and for your guidance!
    I submitted a comment on your website. I want to say thank you for the reading last week, I really enjoyed it and will call on you for all of my future readings. Because my first name is so unique, I used my first initial and last name.
    I have received calls for jobs this week and have a second interview with a company next week. I feel really good about it! 😊

    K Johnson

    March 8 during Sunday service. I was a visitor. Your message really did touch me. My father in law the farmer you described in your message died in 2012. He really did not like me at all. As the spiritual person that I am, I could always sense him and smell him like you stated in your message to me. Your message helped my clarify that I am not just imagining things. It also helped me understand that he is here and that he knows what has been going on. Thank you for your message Rina. On other note I would really like to meet with you to talk about this more.

    Rina H

    I had a reading with Joy Sagar in June 2015. Several things he told me made perfect sense then and there, some things he told me I drew a blank on until later after I had thought about it for a few days – then it all became clear. A few things he told me just haven’t happened – yet. But I can see where some things he said would happen ARE in the works now….overall, a pretty good reading I thought. Would see him again.

    Thanks and Blessings Joy,

    K Brown

    Thank you, Joy, for the great messages. Your insights were spot-on, and your gentle manner of delivery was perfect for Spirit’s words to sink in
    and stay with me.

    Pamela S

    I had a reading from Joy and am truly amazed at his talents. He provided a detailed chart for me that I still treasure. Thank you, Joy. I look forward to our next meeting.

    Chad M

    Joy got a sense of who I am and what my situation is right away- he was able to help me understand the root cause of my issues – I feel very blessed to have been able to connect with Joy and I will continue to seek his spiritual guidance and his connections with my spirit guides- thank you– Joy –for your gift

    Angela C

    Joy you really were great. Helped clear a lot of things up. And helped me move on with my week! I will be back as soon as you recommend it! Keep in touch!

    Blake H

    Joy was amazing. Being able to get messages from my father was the best gift ever. Everything that he said was not What I wanted to hear but what I needed, and for that im very thankful. Joy I want you to know that I am already starting my spiritual path to develop my gifts, and who knows one day I will be working with you guys in Cassadaga.
    Thank you so very much

    Marcia D

    Went to see Joy on the suggestion of a close friend, and was not disappointed.
    This is the first time in my 59 years that I have ever visited someone like this, and I was truly amazed at the insights gained by this visit.
    I left feeling calmer and more secure about how to deal with my current life situations, and with a clearer path for the way forward.
    What more could one ask for?
    Thank you Joy!

    Paul E

    My experience with Joy was wonderful. There was no doubt in my mind that he connected with my father and my son. My grief over the loss of my son has lessened. Of course it will never go away until I see him again. I plan on getting another reading with Joy. Oh, and he was very patient with me as it was my first time with a medium.

    Vicky L

    Joy possesses a profound gift that connected me with loved ones that had passed. I received numerous validations and feel healed from the experience. Words can’t express the gratitude I feel.

    T Hall

    It has taken me over a month to process my session with Joy. When I arrived, I let Joy guide our visit. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that my loved ones chose to communicate to me through Joy. I was an emotional wreck when I left – but in a good way. Recording the session and sharing it with me was extremely helpful – I could not possibly remember everything we discussed. Thank you Joy. I’m not sure I’m ready to listen to the recording yet. That was a very powerful session. I thank you for that. Quite simply, you blew me away.

    I look forward to seeing you again in the future.

    Cindy M

    What an amazing experience. When I brought my girls to Cassadaga, I wasn’t even planning on having my own reading. I am so glad I did. What started out as a birthday gift to my daughter turned into one of the best gifts I’ve ever received in my life. Joy is incredibly gifted. He was able to receive and share messages from many of my deceased relatives, people that I needed to hear from. The messages they gave me have cleared up a major part of my life and allowed me to heal and move on. This has come at a very special time in my life. What an emotional and moving experience this has been. Every time I listen to the tape, I weep with joy and gratitude. Thank you Joy.

    SShaerrie W

    My reading with Joy was very helpful and informative. He gave great detail and was able to give insite into situations in my life without me even bringing them up or mentioning anything. I look forward to my next reading!

    Carla B

    Dear Joy, I was and am amazed at your sharing during my recent reading. You hit on more in that 15-minute “mini-reading” than maybe all previous readings combined by other intuitives. Not that their readings weren’t good; yours, Joy, was amazing. Not only did your sharing from two close relatives who passed over — one recently and the other 50 years ago — but the specifics were undeniably right on target. You twice used euphemisms that I playfully use which no one, even those on the “other side,” could have known unless they knew me and spent considerable time with me. Most importantly, you left me challenged to continue my development and learning. I definitely will be in touch with you again. Blessings always, RC

    Robert C

    Over the years I have sat for readings at various expo’s and usually walked away feeling underwhelmed. This was not my experience with Joy. I left feeling full of peace and happiness and completely confident in his abilities. I am grateful for being guided in his direction and will definitely be keeping his contact information. :)

    C D


    Emily W

    It has been only a couple of months since I saw you. Amazingly so many things you talked about are now coming to be. 2, trips, my moms health, just to mention a few. Plus the settling calmness in dealing with 2 recent deaths. Thank you again!! I will be back in the fall!

    Linda C

    My session was so insightful! You were able to clarify some things which had been weighing heavily on my mind. The guidance I received, through you, was exactly what I needed to begin to move forward in several important areas of my life. I left feeling uplifted and at peace. I will definitely be returning to see you in the next few months. Thank you so much!

    Cheryle D

    What an amazing session I had with Joy!! His ability to connect with spirit is a gift that I am so lucky to have had the chance to experience. Joy is down to earth and put me at ease about any anxiety I had about a reading. His approach brought me comfort. I was also lucky enough to experience a group reading as well. His ability and patience as we deciphered the many messages coming through was enlightening!! My mother, my daughter and I are blessed to have had met with Joy.

    Demetra L

    Thank you Joy. It was a soul gift to have this time and experience with you.


    Hi Joy, I have been flying high from my reading yesterday. Thank you!

    Ian E

    The reading was not what I expected, but better. So many things right on target and I was given a few messages to pass on to others. I was unaware until I delivered the messages how timely and needed they were to the recipients and I’m grateful that I was able to do that for them. Joy kept coming back to one certain thing during my reading that I insisted was not correct – until finally I discovered I was wrong! He told me where the related item was in my house – in a place I had just moved it a few days before. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Joy and happy that I was able to interact with my loved ones.

    Tracey E

    Joy really was amazing to listen to. The information he was able to convey to me was so on point. Thank you!

    Kristie S

    Joy Thank you so much for connecting with me and providing some insight into my life and my family. I feel a renewed sense of hope around a few things and clarity for my future direction.

    Kim D

    Joy seems to be a very caring man. He has talent. He was able to describe the passing of a young man who drowned. He saw him enveloped in blue and described him as being surrounded in water when he passed. A very nice, caring man and many of the things he said were later confirmed. Thank you, Joy.

    Patricia M

    My sister and I had an awesome session with Joy! He was right on with most info and when we were able to re-listen to the audio and think back it was all accurate—We knew our Mama was right there with us during the reading, along with our uncle and step dad!!! We will be coming for another reading and soon!!! Thank You so much JOY!!!

    Michele P.

    Joy is truly a talented healer. The first reading I had with him was after my father had past in, December 2018. The reading he gave me and messages from spirit were so comforting and filled me with peace. Joy impressed me so much that I booked another reading with him a year later, December 2019. Again, his reading was so accurate. He did not give me generalizations or things that could be googled on the internet. Everything he mentioned struck a chord with me. He connected to the three spirits I wanted to connect with the most. The messages from spirit were accurate and came at the right time in my life. Joy is a gifted man. I’ve had wonderful experiences being read by him!

    Diane C

    I highly recommend a session with Joy. His gift of being able receive and share messages specifically related to me from family and friends who’ve passed on is truly astounding. Joy also synthesizes this information into advice that makes complete sense and is extremely useful to me. I find the cost reasonable and you immediately get a digital copy to study and keep forever. I look forward to many future readings. Thank you Joy!


    I was introduced to Joy through my wife booking a reading. I went into the reading without any specific questions or intent except to relax and experience the event. He was a hit on every aspect of describing myself and those he read on the other side.

    When dealing with spirit communications his reading centered around the only question I had, to which he had no knowledge of until he asked for questions at the end of his reading. Through out the reading he was in perfect alignment with understanding my past and present affording me the trust I needed to believe in his reading on the future.

    Joy has an awesome gift…I am he will become my go-to when I have additional questions.




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