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About Joy

Spirit-led straight from the Heart.

Spiritualist Medium
Psychic Reader
Spiritualist Healer
and much, much more

Joy was born, raised, and educated in India. He completed his Bachelors in Commerce in 1994 and earned a post-graduate diploma in sales and marketing in 1999. Joy started his career as sales and marketing professional and quickly progressed to work as an Independent Recruiter specializing in the Sales, Education, and IT industry. Since 2003 Joy has been working in healthcare as non-clinical personnel.

At an early age, Joy started to recognize his psychic gifts, intuitive skills, and personal interest in spiritual studies and philosophies of all religions. He enjoyed exploring different metaphysical subjects ranging from palmistry, numerology, tarot, and Vedic Astrology. He found his passion flowing through Indian Astrology. Joy tested his skills and found that he has a way with the stars and signs. He has been reading astrology charts since early 2000 in a professional capacity. Joy studied USUI REIKI Healing and was certified as REIKI Master-Teacher. Joy participated in healing events and circles as an active REIKI practitioner on numerous occasions.

Joy has always been sensitive, empathetic, intuitive, psychic to other people’s emotions and feelings. Since the age of 8, Joy has had a connection with spirit. Joy could feel, sense, and often see the discarnate spirit in his house and other places. In 2003 he was introduced to Cassadaga, Florida. Joy felt a strong inspiration towards developing his Mediumistic skills. Joy entered as a student with Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Meeting Association (SCSCMA). Joy honed his psychic abilities and ability to be a medium with the guidance of teachers through years of classes and workshops at SCSCMA – Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp and in other spiritual communities around the world. After many years and hours of psychic development, evidential mediumship development, and public and private demonstration of his abilities. Joy was commissioned as a Certified Medium & Healer in 2013 by SCSCMA.

Joy Sagar is A Spiritualist Medium, Psychic Reader, and A Spiritualist Healer. He enjoys public speaking, teaching, learning, and educating like-minded individuals. Joy has been received well within the Spiritualist Congregation and Churches.

Joy works with The Spirit World, human energies, clairaudient (hearing/audio), clairsentient (sense), Clairvoyance (seeing), and Clairgustient (smell). Joy also sees Auras and some aspects of remote viewing.

Chronological Timeline:
1999 to date – Study / Practice Astrology.
1999 to date – Study / Practice REIKI Healing.
2003 – Adopted/Embraced Spiritualism as a Religion, Philosophy & Science.
2003 to 2013 — Trained at Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association (SCSCMA) as a Spiritualist Medium & Healer.
2013 — Received Certification as a Certified Medium & Healer from Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association (SCSCMA)
2014 — Received Commission to be a Teacher with Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association (SCSCMA).
2014 — Attended World Congress of Spiritualists, Lily Dale, NY
2018 — Attended World Congress of Spiritualists, Stansted, UK
2018 — Studied at Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, UK
2019 — Studied at Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, UK
2020 — Committed to being a Full-Time Spiritual Medium, Psychic, Healer, Teacher, and Speaker

Joy enjoys learning and continuing education. He has studied with International Mediums and Tutors Mavis Patilla, Simon James, Brian Robertson, Janet Parker, Christine Morgan, Gordon Smith, Janet Nohavec, Paul Jacobs, Jackie Wright, Jose Gosschak, and more.

Joy values ETHICS and adheres to the Ethics of Spiritualism.

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