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2015 still young & fresh, No More Resolution but….

Ever since December of 2014, I have been raking my being, like majority of us, to find a new resolution. I thought and thought and thought some more. I have to say, I no longer resonate with the term resolution. Here is what Merriam-Webster Dictionary has to say about it,

res·o·lu·tion noun ˌre-zə-ˈlü-shən

: the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc. : the act of resolving something : an answer or solution to something : the ability of a device to show an image clearly and with a lot of detail

Ever so slightly I feel resolution has a subliminal tone of fear and failure. This also tags along the sense of guilt and self doubt. Last year, my friends were aware, I made a conscious choice “not to make a resolution” and I did not. I “created a theme” for 2014. I was very successful at bringing the results forward. It was rewarding on a personal, fiscal, mental and spiritual levels.

I have given myself a clear understanding that resolutions is something not for me. I create themes for me now. These allow me to see the bigger picture, add and subtract within the course of achievement, and heck yes “makes me feel free”. I no longer feel captive and chained.

Perhaps this will help us to figure out more…

With the power of visualization, see yourself as a part of the universe, but totally raw. This universe consist of many amazing things, elements, facets, virtues and amazement’s. Universe’s perfect imperfections. Pick yourself to be one. Anyone. Upon your choice, examine, whatever that is, has a natural flow and a natural course of progression. Anything natural is not confined to the hows and whats, but simple natural progression. A seed falls on the bosom of mother earth, it is accepted, it is nurtured, it is allowed to be whatever it wants to be. It can be a tree, a shrub, a mammoth monument. With natural process of earth gases, minerals and gems are created, the progression once again is purely natural, there is no set “laboratory formula” that binds it to be a certain way at all times. No two natural gemstones are alike however they may have and/or are similar, very very very similar in their properties. The belly of the seas and oceans have patterns. The waves and ripples as they follow each other repeatedly do not replicate. We have wind patterns but no such thing that during a set period of time frame the wind will be exactly the same.

I hope we get the idea to the point I am leading towards. It takes great courage to identify our “natural patterns” and once we get close to identifying it, I am POSITIVE to say there is nothing that would ever stand in our way. It is our innate ability that opens us to acceptance of ourselves and allowance to be unique and naturally aware of our perfect imperfections.

Reflecting upon my wishes, wants and desires for 2015, I step back before I announce to myself as to what I truly need this year. I feel as though I am that pet owner who’d pick the name for their pet as a resultant process of its personality and behavior, not just a name, and to those who pick a name first and go with it, there is nothing wrong with it either.

I am sure those who have committed themselves to a “resolution”, nothing right or wrong here with that, will find to recognize not to feel captive to ideas of a broken resolution. If you have already trampled your resolutions, this is my take on it.

Step Back a few and see how the pieces are looking like in the bigger picture. Visualize and Project how you want these pieces to fall. Then you can choose these pieces to fall as failures and/or disappointments or you can see them as of in the “natural flow” of discovery. You can embrace them as small fractals of the bigger tapestry of life.

I, will be following the natural course, and as inspired will soon set a theme to this year, and build on it each day towards fulfillment and accomplishment. We must encourage to be free from the bounds of the norm and stay in the “natural flow of the natural laws of the Universe”.

Joy Sagar is a Medium, Healer and Vedic Astrologer based in Cassadaga, Florida. Along with his other blessings, he aspires hope and encouragement for all.

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