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Fog Morning fog, Diminished visibility, Faded lines, Blurry line of sight, Sun will rise, Eliminating, Morning fog, Sunlight, Humidity, Weightedness, Blah, The show must go on, Eliminating the morning fog, A smile, A hope, A mystic, A seer, Always know,…

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Physical and Spiritual Jigsaw Pieces

I did not realize...I did not perceive...I did not expect...etc. etc. etc. One may recognize that the "did not" did it again as one ponders to solve mysteries within oneself. When we look within, it is 100% time well spent,…

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What about weaving your story?

How do we weave a web and not be affected by it? A thought. A simple one to simplify our lives. Natural Laws govern us all. We are all the same and are bound by the laws of nature and universal…

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Silently, Silently, I am with thee, Silently, thou with me, Present, in your presence, A present, is your presence, I’m never alone, A lone tone in silence, Highest exaltation with thee.  Written by: Joy Sagar 12292022 2127

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Don’t be afraid. __ Joy Sagar

Often unexpected moments create a blur, and beyond that is a clearer view. The composite view may give it a different outlook than it is; regardless, we discover a way, the way, your way. Don't be afraid. ____ Joy Sagar…

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