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A thought on Holy Day.

December 21 what is so special aboout this day… It is just like any ordinary day. Actually today is same as any other day of the week. In fact I wonder why they call it a week(weak) not strong or a bundle. But then that is just me thinking out loud. I cannot emphasize the beauty of today. I am awake. I am alert. I am oriented. I am inspired. I am thinking. I am looking forward to today. I am happy. Above all I am the same spark of God as you are.. Just in a different packaging.

Any holiday (holy day) is now an avenue of show-off. We may call it a one up day instead of Holiday. Yet the underlying drift is same. We may recognize it or not. It is still the heart of the holy days. To be with our friends and family. To share the holy day in togetherness. To share love and warmth. To reminisce of the days past. We may need to remind and inspire ourselves of the heart of the holy day season. It is just not one day or a week where we can find this feeling. God has allowed all of us the same opportunity to be happy everyday. 

One of those opportunities is “Discipline“. Discipline is simple to define yet hard to practice and self-
discipline is the most demanding of all. Changing our tracks and life patterns to shift our perspectives is a feat in its own. I am sure once you get aquainted with your routine it becomes addictive. It is never too late to develop this quality within ourselves. “Good Luck” to you if you are working on and/or are planning to work on some aspect of your life that is demanding for a discipline. 

These last ten days of 2013, I have allowed myself the opportunity to reflect, restructure, reorganize and rejuvenate my life for 2014. The brain cells will conjure. There will take place the most important meeting of the year.  In this meeting I will sit down with myself and discuss the possibilites for 2014. This year I am inspired to give myself small projects instead of long ones. The successful completion of these small goals will inspire me towards other goals.

What about you? What are your plans for 2014? 
I would like to inspire you to find your own symphony that sets a theme song for your 2014. 
Be Encouraged!



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