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A Tribute to Mom !

Dear Mom,
When I was born,
I became your world,
You sang lullabies each night,
So that I could sleep,
I gave you sleepless nights,
You wiped my tears each time I weeped,
You gave me the alphabets,
You gave me the numbers,
I made you anger on my blunders,
But you picked me up when I fell,
When I goofed up you could tell,
You looked in my eyes,
You knew me between earth and skies,
Preaching about the right and wrong,
Now a part of life just like a song,
Looking out the window on late nights,
You always kept me in your sight,
From Genesis to the end reciting king james,
Making sense of all the stories and names,
Laughter, giggles and pranks galore,
Slowly they became a jovial lore,
Brothers, Sister and Friends everywhere,
Always knew your tenderness and love,
From the clouds and skies,
Suffering and pain or loss and gain,
Holding to your faith not in vain,
Everyday was special not just One Day,
You gave me the Key,
To know who I may be,
A Nursery rhyme, “From up above the world so high like a diamond in the sky”
What do you see,
What do you see,
What do you see,
As I think of you I am sure you think of me…



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