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Acceptance… Allowance… Flexibility…

Life is a different ball game at this point. A tug of balance is sought. There is a tug from the materialistic life, social life, personal life and physical life. Which aspect do I allow myself to pull in as I allow the other aspect to pull away becomes quite challenging.
Of late I notice that all “the natural law” classes I have been sitting in with an intent of learning are coming to surface. Whenever I have felt the pressure from the outside influences, I have been able to summarize the situation on these natural law classes and resort to a solution. I accept
Simple example, ever since my last birthday and a couple of months prior to that, I have been subconsciously nudged to get my health in order. I get these waves of finding more ways correct my physical balance. I explore, I play, I apply then I realize I am a work in progress. I say this very respectfully that I am a work in progress and often I need to  pause and evaluate my game plan. Ha! I said it and now I am smiling. I do not have a game plan.
Health is wealth. So that is where my primary focus is right now. How important it is to have a strategy or a game plan to be health wise? Well let me think… There might be a split between how to answer this question. My personal answer is I made an active choice to indulge in habit forming eating practices, I created my comfort zone, I choose to be all that.
The only strategy I believe that works or ever worked is to observe oneself with sincerity and perseverance. Unless I want it to make things work for me nothing will add up. Conscious choices and keeping with them is the way it works. A long time ago one of my colleagues shared with us that the success to over 100lbs weight loss was in the key of doing it daily and doing it consciously. We have examples everywhere around us. Each of those examples have a different take on their story of success and failure and reward. The things that work for you is your own sincerity in believing you can do it. “YOU CAN DO IT.” You can do it. You can do it.
I have allowed myself to find the happy track that takes me back in a better health. I am consciously seeking a pattern that is conducive to me. A tailor made plan exclusively drafted for me. OH! one thing that is universal is to exercise. Exercise…this is challenging for many of us. I sit and sit and I sit some more on this thought of exercise. Well the idea came about, we blink to keep our eyes lubricated, we move our hands to feed and clean ourselves, we carry ourselves to the food and back to the place where we eat it and more simple action examples exist.
So if we substitute the word exercise with another creative word perhaps then it may not become such monotonous, disciplining and just about punishing connotation. I am not sure what I will call my concept of exercise yet but I will come up with something sooner or later. What comes to mind is the analogy of carrot dangling in front of the donkey. That would be a way to psyche yourself into doing something for a long time. We do that subconsciously on  many levels.
I did something very interesting today. I was contemplating between a Pizza or a nice Chinese dinner. Neither one is good for my new sorta eat healthy regimen. As I am playing with the idea and inducing my taste buds to crave more of the delicious and yummy food, I notice a shiny green object in my peripheral vision. I looked at it. I smiled. Sparks flew all over. I reached and palpated it. WOW ! It was a perrrrfectly ripe Avocado. I ate it.
I am not sure what happened in the above paragraph if this is a good example of flexibility but it fits the parameters in some ways. Life always talks to us. Life always gives us choices. Which ones we take and which ones we let go is at the heart of the situation. We allow ourselves to be flexible and sway from choice to choice. What will be the result of each choice is hard to predict most of the time. 
When we participate with a choice we are also participating with a relationship. Relationship that result from us and the event. I am to understand thus far that all three of these aspects are operational at all times. In the big screen production of our lives; Allowance, Acceptance and Flexibility are showcased in the prime time.



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