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Are you happy with your fence?

I wondered for many days what this water tower would look like in the morning light. So, this morning, I sprung out of bed, grabbed the camera, and there I went. It was beautiful, and I know it would be more attractive if I could wait for The Sun to climb up a little, but I chose to be grateful for these few captures.

However, these images have triggered some emotions and thoughts, which I am sharing with kindness and compassion.

The initial thought was, “No Fence is Permanent.”

After that, I started to wonder where the concept of the fence came along. The mind wandered to the old days, what life was like then. If we go with history, there is documentation of events or things. 

When I choose to go with inner feelings, it made a fine separation. 

Do fences keep things out, or do they close in or they indicate to leave one alone? Do they say that one is not welcome? What do they represent? 

See when we think of a boundary, we imply the margin that denotes the extent. E.g., the land up to the river, or the row of pines, or the highway on the west. That is to give approximation ideation of what is supposedly the extent. When we think of fencing, it appears to be more like boxing in oneself. It denotes limits. It speaks of how far we are going to fight for what is mine.

We use a small percentage of the limitless potential within our conscious thinking, feeling, and sensing brain. The possibility of expansion of our consciousness abounds.

The Infinite Spirit is infinite as it says, limitless, boundless, formless, shapeless, then why fence in any way. Think about this.

Today, I continue to ponder, “No Fence is Permanent.” I recognize that as time goes on, the fence deteriorates, falls apart, loses its shape. But, unless one keeps up with their walls, the feeling of being fenced in stays; otherwise, they have a reasonable probability of falling apart.




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