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Being in the Flow (outline of my recent talk)

Being in the Flow!

(((This is ONLY an outline of my recent talk.)))

Few months ago, I attended a seminar called “when life is too big for you”. In this seminar we discussed life from many different aspects. We also saw a perspective of relationships we form in our world. These relationships are not just between two humans but they extend to animals, objects, materials, tangible and intangible. The relationship factor always exists. We all have issues and challenges in our lives. They carry on as a constant factor. We recognize them. We ignore them. We become numb to them. It is still there. We made a choice.

Being in the Flow! What does it really mean? What is the perspective? I am sure we all can come up with our own idea of this expression. That is what makes us all individuals. This is how I see it. Being in the flow can be interpreted as unidirectional or bidirectional or it can be multi-directional.

Unidirectional Flow just like it sounds is going in one direction. Good Examples are flow of water, age, snowfall, rain where the movement that is identified is progressing in one direction. We do not see the water flowing upstream and downstream at the same time. I know you are thinking of rip currents etc. but we are speaking in terms of flow of water. Even waves come in and waves go out there is a direction. We shall not speak of age too elaborately but you definitely get the idea.

Bidirectional flow means flowing in two directions. Upwards and Downwards, Left or Right. Good Examples are Trees, Polarities. We hear so above as below. Trees make a good representation for me for this phrase. We can visualize a tree growing upward in shape of branches and leafs etc. and growing downwards in its root system. Polarities are always bidirectional and working at same times as well. North Pole and South Pole on a magnet is a simple example.

Multi-direction flow just as it sounds when the flow is in all direction. Wind Pattern comes to my mind as an example and the human population and above all human consciousness. All these represent Expansion.

We live in the age of multi-tasking. This changes the dynamic of everything in our lives and around us. This is always a challenge in finding the flow. Being in the flow for me is being in the harmony of things and events around us.

Sharing from my own life… This may sound like it goes on forever but bear with me.

My life has been quite busy lately. Often busyness relates to many things. Busyness may translate into Progress, growth, anxiety, control, balance etc. I had to pick up a beautiful leather couch soon. It was just a matter of timing is right for me with my schedule. Friday was a great day. Work was not as busy. I left early than normal. Well the weather was not normal, don’t you agree. Rain and dreary weather that is never fun in Florida. I wanted to do this event on Friday. I wanted to have my Saturday FREE. I wanted to do things that I needed to do on Saturday. I started calling everywhere to the rental places. I wanted to find something small and covered that fits in my budget. I also had the option to borrow a pick-up truck from one of our surgeon friend but given the weather it was not a great choice.

Well after exhausting, all the efforts I resorted to completing this task, I told myself, I will go with the flow. I shall do this on Saturday early morning and still have plenty of time in my day left to complete other things. Weather forecast was nice and clear, at least that is what the weatherman knew. I called the Surgeon friend and set up to borrow his vehicle to do the transport. I was thankful for the flow of things midst all this and thankful that this will not cost me a lot of money either with this shift in the schedule.

Saturday morning I was in the flow, in my head everything was in place, I was on schedule by the minute. I went to the pick up the truck and the straps and tarps etc. I was Thankful in my heart that I do not have to spend all this extra money otherwise. Yes I was feeling blessed. We went over the stuff and as he handed me the keys to his truck he said, “I hope you are OKAY driving a stick shift.” I was like “NO” I do not know how to drive a stick shift. We both were disappointed. Timeline of events just shifted one more time. I said thanks to him and took off to make other arrangements. I rented a cargo van and all the way till drop off it rained and within my heart I was so thankful that I had this cargo van after all and the leather couch and other belongings did not get beat up in the weather. At the end of my day yesterday, I realized, I literally did not have the control over my situation so to speak. But, when I just allow myself to relax and allow it flow things had a better outcome.

Being in the flow is something like this for me. Being in awareness of how life is flowing and how it impacts me externally and internally is of great relevance. In December Rev. Ronnie Austin spoke in our church at Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp and he shared from his life the flow of things and how all these little situations in life allow us to grow and progress. He was inspiring. He allowed me to recognize to analyze events in my life and to assess the flow.

As I stated earlier we are always in relationship with our life events. WE find ourselves captive to life situations. We allow ourselves to be in the same jobs that we do not care for anymore. We allow ourselves to have an education that we over time do not find helpful at all. Having resistance towards life changes hinders our ability to find our flow. We move between fear, disappointment and failure instead of hope, encouragement and success. If stay in the flow of things it not only allows us to become more observant but it harmonizes that relationship aspect in that situation.

Are we in harmony with our life right now? What areas of our life we feel stagnant? What aspects of our life we would like to enhance? Is that particular situation one directional or bi-directional or is it multi-directional? If we take each situation and understand from a perspective of exploration we will realize that it is a matter of how life is flowing for us. We can identify all these aspects in terms of how it matters to me, how it applies to me, how it flows and we shall be able to prioritize based on our necessity.

Spiritualism has a great point and place in my life. I enjoy the Natural Law aspect of our religion. How we see and experience life is different to all of us. It even gets better that our discoveries in the process are unique as well and so are the end results. We allow our learned behaviors to influence our life all the time. We often forget to allow ourselves the opportunity to expand in that moment. We often are reluctant to shift the dynamics and take that one step that may change the entire life ahead of us. We should always remember there is a constant shift in our universe and we have the opportunity to go with the flow.

In closing, my recommendation to all of us is to study and observe natural law. Each teacher draws from their own knowledge, awareness and experience and incorporates that essence in their teaching of natural law. Make a choice to either find one natural law teacher that fits your learning curve or you can explore all of them if you can and just go with the flow.

(((Thank You)))



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