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Birthday Joy!

Thoughts! Appreciation and Gratitude and ALL!

What do you derive your joy from? Big things or little things, complex things or simple things?

June 14, Flag Day, My birthday… The day I usually take a day off work and keep my schedule empty. To empty my mind, to empty my heart, to be grateful to The Creator, for all that I have gone through, for where I stand today, for what my path is NOW, for where the path will lead me next, for trusting and going with the flow. I chose to go to work this year.

Well, my day started with birthday greetings, hugs and tokens for my birthday, a beautiful signed card from fellow colleagues. The birthday wishes came from all over the world. SO much to appreciate. So much!

As I sit here today in reflection… not every observation about this birthday joy was bright, and beautiful. There were some that chose not to wish me even though they knew. For a moment, I felt why? Then it became a moment of Aha! It is all in our choices. That split second moment of recognition, made me feel relieved. I could also see others free and relieved within this experience.

I am sure, you can relate to that. Do you allow these kind or other similar experiences to keep you hostage to bitterness, expectations, etc.? If yes, it is only human. Understandable. We are all wired differently. We are all unique and free. We must ask ourself, why and what is the benefit from this?

Remember, it is your own prerogative to find your own joy because no one else can find it for you. Remember, everything that’s born must die and finds it’s way back to source energy. Remember, life is a journey and we get to walk through it ourselves. Remember, if life looks stormy at the moment that there is a bright rainbow somewhere out there to be appreciated.

You get to choose.

Happy Weekend y’all.
Happy Father’s Day too.

XO Joy Sagar Joy Sagar – Medium, Healer, Teacher

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