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Oh well!


Thursday, November 06… I was off from work. A gentle nudge within me has been exploring new car. I clearly do not have the “need” for it but a “wish/desire” to have something fun to drive around. I do drive a lot. My current vehicle “TOYOTA PRIUS” has served me well by saving me money and it is by all means a smooth ride. However, the kid within me is restless wanting and wanting something more. I clearly understand the financial dimension but I have to keep that inner boy at peace too.

So I get on with my day and hit the road. I am heading towards +Daytona Auto Mall. In sync with my inner self. Having a dialogue about why the logical brain thinks looking for a car at this point is futile while the Joy Kid within me says, think about the fun and enjoyment. Yes! Yes! I understand all that but be practical and what not. Yeah, Yeah, I hear you and so and so forth. Amidst the internal quandary I could not miss observing the “wow” factor of mother nature. The Sun is out. The Sky has some ruffling clouds. The breeze had not yet turned into wind. It is near perfect.

By the time it hits me as to where I am on HIGHWAY 95 going towards +Daytona Beach, I had gone to far. Far enough to look up to the sign that read, next turn St. Augustine 1mile. I thought to myself holy moly, glad Joy you caught it here before hitting the Florida State Line. Ha Ha Ha Ha I laughed at myself. Few chosen friends know I am not so great with geographical directions and sometimes even with a GPS. No big deal, that I was that far out from my intended destination. I had no where to be. I took that right turn towards St. Augustine. I had not visited that place in many moons.

Inner kid was excited. This was a diversion. Clearly not a man produced diversion. My intuitive judgement said to me, “EXPLORE” Joy. So like an obedient child, I paid attention from that point on.

As I got to the city of St. Augustine, I looked for a place to park.
I found it at stop #4 +Old Town Trolley Tours St Augustine. I paid my parking fare and went on foot to explore St. Augustine. I was so happy that I made a choice to come here. The colors, and history, the roads, the pavement, the coquina walls, the brick roads, the old historic homes, the green and lush gardens and lush foliage of this historic town. It was great.

Few shops and business had moved around, expanded, closed and spruced in last six odd years. That is natural. Change is inevitable. Change is change but that is one thing constant. I observed. The journey afoot was interesting. The city was preparing for the upcoming season of holidays. The roads were being repaired. The shop owners were washing and sprucing up the exteriors of their shops. A sense of ownership was being established.

I was window shopping, very intently and intriguingly. I stumble upon this little insignificant shop. +The Pearl Shop of St. Augustine there was not much more in this shop than what it says. It was a pearl shop, an older couple owned that shop and ran it with hand crafted jewelry made from pearls and other related products. Pearls were the highlight.
I stepped in. And Oh! boy did this shop took me back in time. Early 2000, where I was a pupil to my astrology teacher. A part of my work was to differentiate simulated gemstones from semi-precious and precious gemstones. I enjoyed that part of my development. Well I discovered a pearl, a coral, and an amber – all these are now a self hand crafted pendant. I loved loved loved my conversation with the shop owners… It was splendid.

Thereafter I went to the +Kind Walking and Old City Hammocks.
I like the lounging hammock. Such perfect fit for my back. Nice and comfy. Easy to get in and out. It can be used indoor and outdoor. The best part was how it felt relaxing with respect to my vertebrae, 20 minutes in it and I got away with relaxed spine. I even modeled for walk-in customers. It was wonderful. Next visit to St. Augustine, I am sure to say I will return with the lounging hammock.

+The Panama Hat Company Of St Augustine was another great stop. The store keepers had a great smile on their faces, greeting and assisting customers, ultimately getting the job done. I found a Baja Hoodie.

Well, even though my feet were little tired. I was looking for Athena Greek Restaurant. I being directionally challenged returned to my parking spot. Upon return, I thought I would leave, I mentioned to the Tour attendant, about my search for the restaurant. He pointed me in the direction I just returned from and said you were right there. He had a generous moment and handed me a complimentary sticker to board the trolly and ride up to the restaurant. I did so. I drove all the way up to that point. However, by that point I wanted to just sit and relax as my feet were tired.

I made it to the restaurant door front. As I stood outside reading the menu trying to make up my mind what to treat me with. I heard the nudge within me, not now, not here. I “listened”. I moved on. I moved to the direction I was being pulled into. I came up to Grace Gallery of St. Augustine. Another surprise added to this visit. A store adorned with Eastern Cultural Items and Artifacts. Buddha’s, Pagoda’s, Bell’s, Brass, Candles, Incense, Garments, and more. The lady that was there, extremely wonderful, patient and courteous. We talked and exchanged new age thoughts and while I was participating and enjoying the conversation, there was this vibrant “Om Mani Padme Hum” tone that attracted me to the Chakra Color Flag. Beautiful. I have that flag now.

I was almost finishing up my day at this point. I walked out of the store with that beautiful flag in my hand. In addition to that I had a reference to a nice vegan restaurant. As I turned into the street to walk back to my car in about 100 feet, I saw a sign that read, “Foot Reflexology”. Without hesitating, re-thinking, I stepped in. The foot reflexology experience was first of it’s kind. The pressure points as described during my reflexology treatment, were not just made up. Chinese Herbal Foot Massage of St. Augustine were well versed in their trade and answered all my quizzical questions with confidence and detail. I could feel all the pressure points connected to my stomach and lower back and shoulders. I was impressed.

The Present Moment Cafe was my last stop on this detour. I was there for dinner. I enjoyed every bit of my dinner. It was a Mock Chowder & Mango Samosas. Delicious as it gets. I was amazed how scrumptious everything was. The place was charming and cozy. I am a foodie critique in my own way. I love to eat. I can travel distances to enjoy a great course of food. This was amazing, heavenly, appetizing and oh so delicious. “A MUST GO” if you are in the area. I even in the instant recommended and shared my thoughts to the guests seated next to me and they concurred my observation as they shared and savored their cuisine.
Well, the days journey ended with a detour, bringing forth the wonderful experiences. There are no coincidences. I was there, I was led there, I was dragged there for a purpose. The purpose was fulfilled. I have the pleasure and an honor to share, the more I listen to my intuition, the stronger it gets. My spiritual slant to every experience is not because I desire a charm, but because it is a charm. I am blessed to share, my experience with you so that you may visit St. Augustine and enjoy much more than Historic sites and such, but to mingle with hard working and loving store keepers and owners of the local businesses and take home some beautiful memories, just like I did.
With love and blessings,
Joy Sagar
Spirit led straight from the Heart.



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