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Breaking out of my Chrysalis… (expanded thought)

I feel like a butterfly… breaking out of my chrysalis. I am ready to fly high in the sky, doesn’t matter why and I will fly… I am ready for a clean finish to October and be ready for Nurturing November….
How about you???

I started this morning with gratitude for all that is… all that surrounds me… all that I have been blessed with… I see all around me and I see nothing but smiling faces, faces full of potentials, faces full of hope, faces who have been there and done that, faces full of bliss and faces that are ready to break their barriers.

Did I say barriers? Yes I did say barriers… Barriers like the Chrysalis for the caterpillar that holds it down till it is time to let loose and let it be. If you are self inspecting your life at this given moment, and you are finding it hard to break the barriers, you may just not be ripe enough to take the life challenges head on. Why is that great signature recipes call for slow cooking, simmering over low heat, perhaps because there is great relevance of bringing out the juices and making it the most savoring recipe there ever was.

How to understand the time is right? Ask yourself, the fire within me, is it ripe enough to push me towards endurance? Ask yourself, am I weary enough to push myself to take just one more step? Ask yourself, have my failures and disappointments turned into hope and belief’s to “trust” and to “know” that I will succeed one day? Yes! ask yourself when you are bruised and you are hurting and you are screaming for help. 
Just ask! but pause, pause just long enough to understand, that the rebounding sounds within you are your responses to life’s valuable lessons. What you hear in your gut is the intuitive hints to just push you through to step into your own power. There is no secret recipe besides the intent to never give up and never stop trying. 

“Never Stop Trying!”

On my most weary day, I pause. I listen. I affirm. The Great Infinite Spirit will never leave my side and always bring me to the door of success and walk me through it.

One of my favorite teacher always tell us, “Universe has an impeccable timing.” I have observed this to be true at many occasions myself.

With lots of love and blessings,
Joy Sagar



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