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Canvas resting on the easel…

Canvas resting on the easel,
Holding up a smile,
The vision of its creator,
That’ll last for a while,
Gregariousness and zest,
The laughter has some pain,
The time shifts,
Emotions mist,
The foggy memories,
Still so clear,
Life has just been,
Brushed with tremors and fears,
Power consumes life,
Never to loose control,
Even if it arrives securely in sight,
All learned knowledge,
Seems unhelpful,
Staying true within,
Ego soars and passionately roars,
Bringing up facets,
That never existed before,
What the mind seeks,
So different than the heart,
Visions, glimpse and run ins,
Still fresh like morning dew,
Whatever holds tomorrow,
Is resting upon a thought,
The delicate easel,
That rests the beauty,
Of the beaded eyes,
And the familiar smile,
May just seem preoccupied,
Holding lines and hues,
Of the past years,
That just died,
Sensory trajectory on high,
Trying to define the days ahead,
But why shall I worry,
When the infinite great spirit is in control!
Written by – Joy Sagar
8/22/2015 @ 07:29 am



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