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Cascading like a waterfall….


I cannot cry,
I don’t know why,
Why these emotions swell,
And tears break the well,
Run down my cheeks,
Cascading like a waterfall,
Into the abyss of my bosom,
Throbbing the universe within,
I feel safe as I feel my pain,
I think of what whizzed past me,
As far on the horizon I see,
My loneliness was true to me,
As I hold my heart in my hands,
Cradled into someone else’s,
I fear, I fear to give it away,
I want to be broken for all I know,
When I see in mirror,
Even I’m so nearer,
It cannot be any clearer,
It’s not me anymore,
In the middle of all,
I’m ready to fall, fall,
Fall in love again,
But before I fall for you,
I must love myself again….
Written by : Joy Sagar 07/25/2014



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