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Complete my joy…

These few lines from the Bible has great strength. It draws up a guide as to how easy it could be to tie in with the infinite spirit. 
Come to think of it, it’s absolutely necessary just about this time of the year. When we are going towards the festivities. They bring a lot of stress and emotions then memories good, bad, sad, happy and/or indifferent. Everybody has a different way of dealing with it. But somewhere somehow this just gives a perspective. To train ourselves to tap into the God consciousness which is universal. Since the God consciousness exists the same everywhere it would be so much easier for everybody to be on the same wavelength experiencing the same joy in just about a pretty similar fashion to one another. 
Of course we are different individual and personalities however we can experience the same essence of joy, love, kindness and compassion that the God spirit consists of because would exactly be the same for each and everyone of us. Spiritualist follow the precepts of healing and always highlight Christ as an example and as a living proof that we all share the healing spark in us. 

Following the quote if we program ourselves to tune into the infinite God consciousness, just wonder what all we can accomplish in the same flow. 



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