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Count your blessings, my childhood memory!

Ah! As I was working on this piece… 

I remembered my days of learning to count… What I remember the most is that when I would forget the number I had to start counting all over again so that it registers in my brain.

GODs plan is always BIGGER than our plans. Even if you do not believe in the concept of God yet there is a much better plan than the one that’s in your hand. It is said in many ways, when one door of opportunity is closed there are two more with similar or better door waiting for you to walk through.

Now counting ones blessings is quite similar in many ways. We often forget how blessed we are. In times that are upsetting or misfortunate, we seldom realize the previous times we received the grace from God. We are fixated on that one upsetting moment and allow it quite often to rule our world. We do this until we either move on or until we come to terms with ourselves.

When faced with adversity, I count my blessings, from the beginning, exchanging gratitude with all that has provided me to learn and grow in understanding, gratitude to all men and women that has been a part of my life thus far, all awareness that encompasses my being. 

To GOD – I AM THANKFUL as I count my blessings. 

Love to everyone and healing wishes for all who seek closure and the strength to move forward.

Happy weekend!

Written by Joy Sagar



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