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Do YOU Understand the Signs?

Cassadaga was hopping… lively day here today. As I exited Colby Temple after the morning service, I spotted a lady with a basket that carried feathers, from afar I could not tell what it was, however it was a knowing, find her. By the time I walked up to the bookstore for grove she kind of sort of disappeared. I asked in the bookstore if they saw a lady with feathers, they said yes, and she will be back.
I waited. She returned. I asked her if the feathers (smudge feathers) were for sale. She said Yes. BINGO – it was like hitting the jackpot. I sure did. Of many in the basket, I spotted one grouping OR they found me. I believe they found me. The lady said this one that you like, I will have to give it to you. DIVINE Light was shining on me on that moment. It was not about saving the $ but just appeared as a blessing. What are the odds? I felt such gratitude. I am still bubbling with joyfulness.
Our Universe has a subliminal language. Language of encouragement, TLC, care, assurance, etc. The language often is in signs. Most all other creatures follow and use this sign language. Bird migrate within moments of change. Oceanic life shifts within moments of change. Even the microscopic life follows the prompts.
Why, do humans push against currents of change? Why don’t we learn to go with the flow? Why don’t we start to strengthen our understanding of sign language?
Lazy answer is – to get the life lessons. Even worst is, not learning from those life lessons.
Every aspect of life will change, but you will have to start with yourself. If you are to seek healing, you must start with yourself. White Eagle writes in the book, “Heal Thyself” pages 23-24, Chapter II, Realize the Spirit within YOU, “Through changing conditions in the Earth and the elements above the Earth, the seed of life germinates, takes root, and in time grows into a perfect flower.” What does this means?
There will always be external and internal factors to growth, development, maturity and awareness. The internal compass is of no use if there was an absence of external circumstances. If the external factors were absent then the internal development will cease its charm to an extent.
Keeping a constant vigilant observation on the quality contact between you and self, is a must. There is too much distraction outwardly, should we choose to constantly deal with it, we will deplete our source energy to the ground.
Suggestion to improve our Source Energy:
  1. Spend some amount of time in reflection daily.
  2. Meditate and develop to sit in the Power daily.
  3. Read/Listen positive and uplifting content daily.
  4. Journal to clear your thoughts daily.
  5. Breath work adds quality daily.
  6. As you choose, live life according to your beliefs daily.
  7. Add creative pursuits such as dancing, painting etc daily.
  8. Self Care daily.

Follow your prompts, or signs, as clear or as subliminal they may arrive to you. Like for myself in my story above, these feathers are a sure sign of encouragement towards and reward for my perseverance, my journey with my Spiritual Work. The Great Infinite simply saying, I see you seeker and I send you this sign.

Pay attention to the subliminal language of our creator, The Great Infinite is present around you and just as much as you want The Infinite to listen to you, The Infinite expects you to listen too. YOU will see significant improvement within a short window of practicing the above suggestions.

xo Joy Sagar

Joy Sagar is a practicing Spiritualism Medium, Psychic, Healer and A well received Public Speaker. He is based in Cassadaga, Florida. He is available for private readings, mentoring, coaching and healing sessions.

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