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Don’t get SAD, get MAD! (Read first!)

When life does not show progress the way you want it to show. Instead of getting SAD start getting MAD.

SAD, yes as an emotion that usually follows disappointment for majority of people.

I am creating an acronym for SAD & MAD.

SAD can be called Slow Acting Discipline.

MAD can be called Meaningfully Aggressive Discipline.

I am SAD because of my personal goals. Usually these are because I did not observe More Aggressive Discipline to my lifestyle and perhaps was following Slow Acting Discipline. I started to feel SAD about my outcomes but now I am MAD. I have to reach and see an outcome. My personal intuitive guidance is well in place. My brain functions are sharp and focused. Will and Power to see results is there but what lacks is the Discipline! Thus, No Results. No Surprise.

Don’t get me wrong! Slow Acting Discipline is great when it comes to flow charting life events and alternative to them. It is also great when you are in of a beginners planning phase. Where the slight thought of chance or a slight chance of error is still on the paper. For example, sitting down with your Financial Planner to achieve a financial goal is a Slow Acting Discipline which will produce results over time. Sitting down with a nutritionist to gain health benefit is a Slow Acting Discipline.

Then, life spins its web and takes you away from your goals and distracts you and entices you with the premium watch and the lovely vacation in the island destination and the lamb shank looks delicious with a heaping scoop of potatoes and the shimmering diamond earrings are just hard to let go of and let’s not forget the BOGO offer from the premium shoe company. Off we go from our track and then the reality start to showing up by dollar and pounds and more we get emotionally sad and we feel disappointed. Yes! Of course we should feel that way, we made a choice, and we MUST acknowledge our sense of non-compliance.

After the review, you get mad (emotion). Good for you, which you see yourself deserving of a temper tantrum and you see yourself as a pivotal piece. GET mad, FEEL mad, BE mad but eventually you will recognize that emotional mad feeling is not getting you anywhere. SO the best thing to do is to tighten the belt and GET MAD… apply More Aggressive Discipline and GET AHEAD.

We all learn every moment of our lives if we observe life that closely. We can be SAD or we can be MAD but either way if we learn from our own actions and we get MAD Passionate about our next phase of result driven life.


Joy Sagar, is an Internationally practicing Psychic Medium based in Cassadaga, Florida. He is also a well accepted speaker on Natural and Spiritual Laws, Motivation, Self Image Enhancement, Empowerment and more. Visit Joy Of Cassadaga for more info.




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