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Doorway to Reformation!

As I capture my thoughts from yesterday’s conversation at The Peoples Church of Divine Prophesy, I recognize, Spirit – The Great Infinite Spirit is assigning me hard to handle tasks.

Spiritualist Principle: We affirm that the doorway to reformation is never closed to any human soul, here or hereafter.

However, this was the theme of the conversation, yet spirit asked me to share the 7 virtues of happiness. I recited them in Hindi first then translated in English.
Pratham such Nirogi Kaya : First happiness is to have a health body
Duja such ghar mein maya : Second happiness is to have prosperity, money
Teeja such Sulashan Nari : Third happiness is to have a good spouse/partner
Chuatha such putra agyakari : Fourth happiness is to have obedient student
Pancham such sudar niwas : Fifth happiness is to have a good home
Chatta such uttam vyapar : Sixth happiness is to have a reliable income
Saptam such mitr ghanere : Seventh happiness is to have good friends

Beyond this we started to reflect on our theme.
We brought in the story of Mahrishi Valmiki from Hindu history – (( ))
There was a highway robber named Ratnakar. All he did most of his life was to rob people of their valuable assets. One day he ran into Narad. Narad is an interesting character in the Hindu mythology. He is playful and sometimes he will stir the pot, start thoughtful arguments, with his smart. He identifies that Ratnakar has a good heart on the inside but he is deliberately being hard and harsh on the outside. He says to Ratnakar, why don’t you chant Lord Rama name and this will lead you to your freedom, you can be reformed and saved from the next phase of your life? All you have to do is chant, Rama Rama Rama Rama. Stubborn as Ratnakar was, he refused, rejected and said I shall say the opposite, mara mara mara mara. Narad as smart as he was, smiled and said, suit yourself, do as you please but make sure you don’t stop chanting your mara mara mara mara chant. So, days went by and so did Ratnakar spent his idol time chanting, overtime, Ratnakar felt a shift in himself. He would no longer yearn for deceitful activities, all his previous heinous activities soon lost their shine and taste. He became more focused within himself via meditation and reciting his chant mara mara mara mara, unbeknownst to him, translates to Rama Rama Rama Rama.
In this story, out of his stubborn attitude, he pushed himself to focus on Lord Rama, as believed to be one who can rescue anyone who believes in him and takes refuge in him. As time went by Ratnakar, changed to Maharishi Valmiki. Valmiki has contributed towards cataloging the epic events of The Ramayana, one of the major Hindu Religious Text.
Another parable shared was of the story about Angulimala, (( )). Born in a Brahmin house, a child named Ahimska meaning one who is non-violent, even though his astrological constellations said, he would be a killer and a murdered. The family knowing this continued to dowse him with knowledge and other good virtues of life to alter the predictions of astrology. Over time as this kid grows up, became an excellent student. Historical accounts state, due to a jealous nature, the teacher, asks of him to give him 1000 right hand fingers as a Guru Dakshina. Guru Dakshina is an ordeal still to this date in many customs. It is the utmost offering a student can offer his teacher. To Ahimska’s honor, it is considered that out of respect to his teacher and his obedience, he followed to fulfill his teachers wish. Time went by and Ahimksa became Angulimala (one who wears fingers as a beaded necklace). As Angulimala reached his count of 999, the mother gets worried and seeks out the father that somehow her son must be stopped and if anything cannot be done, she will get on task herself. Buddha, the all-knowing, was observing this, and encounters Anuglimala. As Angulimala spots Buddha, he runs after him. Buddha keeps his calm pace. Anuglimala just could not reach him to catch him, he gets tired and calls out to him to stop. The dialogue occurs between them and then the big change of heart takes place.

Another instance was mentioned of the 12 apostles of The Bible. Transformational journeys happened in their lives when they found the right anchor in Jesus. They are still talked about and quoted about their works. 

Within our spiritualist philosophy, religion and science, we believe, as one of our principle reads, “We affirm that the doorway to reformation is never closed against any human soul here or hereafter.” Reformation is a personal choice. Free will is exercised. It is what we seek. At any point of our existence we find that we are at a point and place of reflection. In our spiritualist understanding, our rate of progression is an ongoing process when we are alive and when we move on to the spirit plane.
It is to be understood, if you are faced with life’s challenges, Stop! Pause! Think!, and then take the next best route of action. If your work is calling you to change, if you’re yearning to turn towards brighter and radiant aspect of your life, you will get the nudge to stop and think and reflect.

Changes do take place. Changes take place at all times. Changes are taking right now as you read this. Changes often comes in signs. Changes do change all the time too. Embracing change begins with observing natural law of acceptance and natural law of allowance. If we are all looking to be relieved from our burdens, then we must surrender to The Great Infinite Spirit, not for penance but for allowing ourselves to open up to the source that Has the ability to absolve anything, absolutely everything that weighs us down.

The “power” is not in my solution or anyone else’s solution for you but the “power” is in your own ability to say, I seek change, I seek improvement and I will do my part. This thought process will keep the process of reformation an ongoing one in this lifetime and the afterlife.


Joy Sagar, is a Practicing Certified Medium, Healer, Psychic, Teacher & Vedic Astrology from Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp. His practice is based in Cassadaga, Florida. He loves to travel and demonstrate his work. He is also a motivational and natural law speaker. Visit his website –



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