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Draft/Outline of my talk – Let me in…

Let me in… A talk at The Spiritualist Church of Awareness.
Good Morning!
It is definitely a pleasure to be back in this beautiful congregation. Thanks to spirit for organizing this opportunity.
My topic today is “Let me in”…
Since yesterday until this morning, I notice I have a desire to write the outline of my lecture but the inspiration is not flowing. I been frantically searching the creases of my brain for a topic. Then all of sudden I hear this little beep. Go do something else, shift and work on it later. Well, I listened. So I went about reading a business magazine. I came about this article of passwords and online security. Aha! There is my topic.
For as far as I can remember we always have seen this phrase in action. No matter what age we all are at this time and day, we all have had to deal with it. As a child growing up. As a teenager. As a young adult. As an adult. And even at an older age. We all want to belong. We all want to feel welcomed. We all want to be a part of the mix.
Kids wants to hang out with cool kids. Adult parents like to be a part of the kid world and then the teenage world and so and so forth. Many a times, a kid wants to be a part of his father, mother or parents world, a teenage amidst the hormonal shifts and they know it all ideation still try to fit in. An adult is a different story all together. However, older adults want to be a part of their family.
Life is not the same as back in the days as some would say. We are living a phase of life where we are all living as a unit. Quite frankly isolated. Detached from often what we say a reality. I say reality because us humans are one social creatures. We know to live in packs and groups. That’s how we are fulfilled.
Having said all this, how does all this fit in our walk of spiritualism? The realm of spirit world in my small observation is the same. They love being a part of our world. Just like they were when they were alive. Just simply wanting and desiring of acknowledgement. I share from my personal files.
My childhood was very active. I had my own group of buddies. However unlike I observe here, everyone was welcome, there was only one honor code, when we play, we play fair and for fun. Passing through phases of life I register my sensitivity to spirit realm. It startled me. My mother distracts me from all this. I do not blame you mother because you did what you felt safe for me. Overtime I lost my affluence with spirit realm.
When I started my journey into spiritualism here in he United States in 2003. I had to really give it a big nudge. It moved and it started to take place. But here is where the let me in phrase come to play. I had to welcome them in my life as a part of my package and ask them to let me in. I have observed over time that I have been successful  to access entry into spirit realm. At the same time often I feel the spirit had nudged me, poked and prodded me, felt my interest and sought me out to see if they are welcomed to be let in. I welcome them with my arms wide open. It is a process. Now I walk in spirits guidance.
My friends I must share with you once you are in, that’s a whole new world. In our being we can sense the changes and shifts and alterations to our personality. That is what we have to be cognoscente about. Remembering ethics, the theory of free will and the aspect on intruding someone’s space must always be kept close to our hearts and mind.
Let me in… Operates in our lives pretty much on all levels. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – on all these levels when we connect with spirit we are consistently and constantly seeking access to that information, that which brings us close to our loved ones even more. Healers seek permission to be let in before they work their healing energies. Let me in with your permission so that I may be the conduit for the process of healing.
How happy do we feel when we know we are in the right circle of friends? Or we have networked with the right groups for work? Or we have an insider into our area of interest? How confident do we feel that we can trust our source? Or just the awareness that now when we are in we are secured in our interest.
Let me in… We must say to spirit as spiritualist. We must welcome them in our lives to help us feel safe, secure, progressive, confident and complete. It is in the feeling of wholesomeness of spiritualism that operates in our lives and will take us places. Just believe and know that you have been let in.
Thank you for listening!



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