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Excerpt from Sunday Talk @ Spiritualist Church of Awakening, Kissimmee FL

As always there was not a clue what would be the body of my talk at the church. I had an idea and an impression of where the conversation is leading to but there was no start, middle or an end. I sat in silence and established contact with spiritual source to guide my words and use me as a channel.
I heard in my ear, “why worry, just start with the A, B, C?” Just that. I have learned to trust my Source.

Let us discover the A, B & C’s of life. Going back to basics and primary education, A is for Apple, B is for Boy and C is for Cat. As an adult we may see these as A is for Allowance, B is for Believing and C is for Communication. Now let us explore these A, B and C’s just a little more.

A is for apple would directly mean not only as understanding the alphabet but also understanding the progression of nature. An apple tree for example, starts with a seedling, it grows as a bush, it matures as a tree then it becomes capable of bearing fruit, it needs pruning and it needs nurturing all this time. During this time, a skilled farmer or caretaker inspects and prunes the tree as needed.

Similarly, reflecting on A for allowance, when we observe life in terms of an apple tree, we have to allow life to take us through each phase understanding that it will bear results aka fruits of life at the right time and at right pace. Allowance is also to sit back and observe, not necessarily true in its entirety but mostly it is. Observing where we are in life. We must take inventory of our life and see what experiences we need to shave off and what events we need to embrace so that optimum growth occurs. We have to allow the child within us explore life as it happens.

B is for boy would reflect a young energy that is ready to grow and expand. A young person that is ready to explore life and develop its own language. A young person that is hands on for the most part, one who is also very imaginative and creative. A young person who has less barriers unlike adults. A young person who is a sponge who can soak in life as it happens.

Similarly, B is for believing, just like that young person, we play and grow and plunge into life from that perspective. Everything is believable and everything is awkwardly explorative. Believing that all things are possible. All things good and all things bad. Believing that there is something within us that likes to test new waters, push limits, explore new thoughts and learn behavioral patterns. Also, believing that we can make a difference, we can be whoever we choose to be, believing that success is earned with effort, believing that all things are possible.

C is for Cat, what a royal creature. Cats know how to get things done. Cat is also a great example of communication. Cats will make you their pet in no time. Cats will teach you a lesson in affection. Cats will teach you that life can be in slow motion most of the time. Cats communicate. Cats communicate. Cats communicate verbally and non-verbally. Cats vibrate and resonate on a vibrational level.

Similarly, we communicate. We communicate “All the time”. We use words, from an early age, seeking attention, affection and seeking acknowledgement of being heard. Communication is an integral part of our human imprint. As we grow and mature we often listen to respond than to communicate effectively. “Abraham Hicks said we use words to talk but we communicate with our vibrations.” That is so the case. We all know where lies as the power of conversation, not only what is audibly said but also what is being said in between the lines. We communicate with our body language, mannerisms, tone of voice and more. Communication alike cat can make you purr or make you raise hair on your back.

Spiritualistically speaking, these ABC’s apply in our developmental phases of becoming great mediums and speakers. Allowing the spirit realm to work with us and believing that the source will never mislead us and the ability to communicate is in one’s own ability to be the clearest channel as possible. This may sound short synopsis but this how it can be simply stated. Establishing contact with spirit realm is essentially as short as these ABC’s, our loved ones allow us to explore and believe that the life after change called death is not just a hearsay but the communication with the so called dead is scientifically proven by mediumship. As a medium, we communicate, visually, verbally, auditory, sensory, and everything in between. We rely on our feelings and our own life experiences to draw upon what we understand and feel and communicate with.

Let’s make these ABC’s a base of our learning and reach to the XYZ’s.


Joy Sagar is a Medium, Psychic, Healer & Vedic Astrologer based in Cassadaga, Florida. He is available for private readings and consultations. He is also available for Speaking Engagements and Private Gatherings.



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