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Expansion, w forgiveness!

From Louise L. Hays book “You Can Heal Yourself” Chapter 1 titled “ What I Believe” page 23

“I Find That When We Really Love And Accept And Approve Of Ourselves Exactly As We Are, Then Everything In Life Works. It Is As If Little Miracles Are Everywhere.”

The Course in Miracles shares that all dis-ease comes from a state of unforgiveness.

Well, I wonder why? I also wonder, what about genetic conditions and dis-eases? What did we not forgive before we were even conceived? Does it mean we are bringing life lessons from a different timeline to the current timeline?

Aaaaaah! Too many questions!

Consciousness has always been accessible to evolve and expand. Expansion is necessary, first from within and of ourselves, then it can be experienced and received without. Forgiveness is one of the tools, the precepts, the virtues, the benefits we can give to ourselves.

Expansion with rhythmic breathing via our lungs adds oxygenation to our cellular structure. It in turn promotes production of feel good chemicals in our system. In turn we feel good. By Feeling good we make happier choices. Happier choices prime us for happier experiences. Happier experiences allow us to respond well within acts of forgiveness. On a daily basis using affirmations, becomes instrumental in uplifting our spirit and energy.

Affirm : “I AM a pure positive being, I forgive those that keep me captive & I accept forgiveness from those that are captive to me. I illuminate every experience with The Divine Love and Light.”

Have a #MindfulnessMonday

Xo Joy Sagar



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