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Face Up Towards the SKY!

I see a reflection of myself when I lift my head up towards the sky. This part of the country, the clouds today are fluffy and numerous and so are my thoughts. Life is nothing less than AWESOME.

Amidst this sense of being at a point of awesomeness in life, I am also brushed by awesomeness of wonder. Mind floats in and out of conversations and the entanglement of thoughts brew, releasing scents and smells associated with that. Sweet, sour, bittersweet and bitter and this is all subjective to each thought and it’s response within.

I am sure you have never experienced anything like such. (Smiles)!

Lessons of life never lie in the future. Lessons of life don’t appear from the present or the here and now. Lessons of life always come from the past. However, what occurs in the past registers as memories and memories last for a lifetime. Wish we could pick and choose as to which memories we may choose to keep with us and which memories we may choose to dissipate into the black hole so that it may never return to surface, this is a wishful thinking.

I look at the mirror and I just don’t see my face, I also see all that there is tied to me and that which that lies behind me. It stays with me all the time. I often allow it to disturb my sanctity and often I allow it to just be and just be a point of observation.

I am stirred to write and share about this. What it takes to be in an constant state of awareness? It is something hard to practice and master. If you ask me if I am there, I would answer, Yes I am almost there.

Allowance and Acceptance operate almost simultaneously. I allow my thoughts to be present with me and I accept that which comes from the past cannot be changed. Although, it can be challenged on a moment to moment basis. Allowing it to keep me (self) present with myself (ego) at all times. I observe, when I am in this constant state of awareness, I make a choice to be only an observer and seldom allow it to become an active participant.

Allowance and Acceptance are somewhat an integral part of Law of Attraction. We attract the conditions and situations we need most in our life. Often not recognizing that what it would take to manifest, after all that we go through as we navigate life one step and one moment at a time. My recent attendance at Abraham Hicks Seminar in Orlando, Florida, I heard the energies talk about Law of Disallowance. It was such an awesome wonder to hear those words.

Law of Disallowance, how many times we have disallowed ourselves the privilege to create what that we feel secure and at home with. Law of Disallowance is just opposite of Law of Allowance. We dream, We manifest, We Question, We fear, We hesitate, We disharmonize, We just get in our own way. We attract life events. We seek them out. We draw them close to us. And then we put our fears, hesitations, reluctance, and more in between and wonder why things are not where they are suppose to be.

What is in the past, are the great lessons of life. What are you suppose to do when you fear the fears that you fear the most. What road should you take when you are challenged and shook up. What is there that holds you firmly.

My own journey, calls for a yearning. I will stand tall and I will stand firm. I am trusting that the universe is by my side. I am trusting that the energies will guide my way with firm assurance of success. I am worthy to look towards not repeating the occurrence of the past. I am worthy of all that there is in the natural law of abundance. I am a strong magnet of universal law of attraction. I allow myself to be resilient to my own fallacies. I accept that I am strong. I refuse to see glass half empty. I am brimming with Joy and I am mesmerized with awesomeness.

So be it!



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