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Face your FEARS!!! Try stillness as a remedy!


What a wonderful day! I love days like today. There is such a beauty in each life situation. Every tough and challenging situation has an opportunity to learn and grow with it, within it and from it.

Today was something like such for me. Joy had to really dig in deep to find that true joy that was eternal. The human part of me wanted to scream right in the face of the situation, but I reached for the joy. It was not easy. It is still not easy as I write this but I had to “shift my thoughts” from being a participant in few situations to being an observer.

My learning of the natural laws for these past few years was challenged. I feel every aspect of me wanted to give it back. However I made a choice to observe. I made a choice to experience how to stay within the flow while I step out of it. I learned. I definitely learned.

My theory of being in the flow was hampered but I remained still. My theory of Golden Rule, “DO UNTO OTHERS AS OTHERS SHOULD DO UNTO YOU” has a different perspective right now. Even though I wanted to, take it on. I stayed in the stillness of my belief in the GOLDEN RULE. NO, I did not wish for anything in these turbulent times. I am still. My stillness and my trust in the process of the GOLDEN RULE is my strength.

We all endure such situations in our life. My experience is no different from yours as you read this. You have, in your life by now have experienced something similar to the emotions that appear in this writing. But what you did in that time and space was your choice.

What we are, is merely a reflection of our choices! Absolutely, I am confident of this phrase. This does not mean that we allow anyone to walk all over us. Silence is bliss. It can convey various different emotions of a human being. Silence was my companion today & within me I know it will be for a while. I witnessed non-participation from others, just reflects the aspect of their choices.

What are we doing right now? What thoughts are hovering in mind, heart and soul? Do we evaluate them? Do we feel challenged with our own insecurities? Do we feel inadequate with the control over our own life? Do we feel we are stuck and cannot deviate to a better path? What is the quality of our emotional state? Mental state? Do we feel justified by expressing our “fears” to others in any way we feel like? Do we really know it is often hard to clean up the mess we create in our life by frivolous sputters of uncontrolled emotions?

Take time to ponder upon these…

I read this on Facebook today, “When the deepest part of you becomes engaged in what you are doing…you are doing what you were meant to be doing.” ~ Gary Zukav

I engaged in stillness within and to understand the importance of stillness, One must face the the internal FEARS because the external fears are short lived and trivial…



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