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Failure, Fear and Fortitude!

Failure, Fear and Fortitude!

Few years ago, I got a chance to participate in National Catholic Forensics League as a guest. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
It was amazing to see the young, vibrant, vivacious and talented students in their element. They were practicing, rehearsing and getting ready for their event. There were judges who were preparing to do their best and help the young students learn their strengths and weaknesses.
I observed four segments and all of them created nostalgia.
Well not much to notate in my personal timeline, yet there is a lot to be said. In my school days I was afraid of oratory and stage presence. I did love the plays and shows because they’d get me out of class time. I did get small parts every now and then, which of course made me happy. I did a fairly good job of being a shrub, or a servant, or a star and more. I was never good at the oratory so I never got on the stage to speak or do an extemporaneous talk.
I did develop organizational skills, teamwork, multitasking and complete knowledge of stage behind the scenes. I learned how to work the lights, sound boards, etc. So I did learn something.
As time passed, I became much more aware of my skills and started to expand and participate with stage/public speaking/presentation opportunities.
From early 1996, failures marked my portfolio. I failed in multiple avenues. I failed at IAS, Indian Administrative Services selective exam by three points twice. This changed my life. Hard work, patience, sacrifice are the only adjectives that I could take away from it. Right in that time frame I appeared in BSF, Border Security Forces of India I made it with shining colors all the way through selection for interview however my mother was convinced that I will get killed in the first go round and insisted for me to stay home and do something else. In the year 1997, I applied for an MBA program in an expensive school. I passed the written entrance exam and got selected for oral aptitude test. My first extemporaneous talk and debate. I was second in the panel of twelve candidates and I was selected to enter the MBA program. Affordability was a big issue and there I was standing at the helm of another dejection and somewhat being a failure marked in my life.
No, this is not a boohoo talk! but a highlight that I tried. I kept trying! I am weary now and then but I know that my plan is minuscule than that of The Source. I have to go through the motions.
Failures do create fears. Fear is jeopardizing. I’m not scared of my fears. They have taught me valuable lessons. I have learned to become aware of my self, not self conscious for the most part but aware. I have developed a sense of discernment and this is an ongoing process, to be more aware and be more discerning.
I learned that I have fortitude and the ability to keep my head high.
My fears and failures have opened the doors for me on levels unimaginable for many. Empathy, sympathy, compassion, love, care, embracing others who suffer from fear and failures, all these are extraordinarily present in my day to day activities. I’d say I’m observing life from a birds eye all the time. I do not deny these attributes to successful individuals yet once who hasn’t failed at something would not get these easily.
We all have failed at something in our lives. Does this mean, that’s it? Does that mean do we perpetually dwell in our fears and failures? What have your fears and failure done for you?

Joy Sagar, is an Internationally practicing Psychic Medium based in Cassadaga, Florida. He is also a well accepted speaker on Natural and Spiritual Laws, Motivation, Self Image Enhancement, Empowerment and more. Visit Joy Of Cassadaga for more info.




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