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From Joy with Love…

This is a wonderful month for many and at the same time, others feel squirmy and agitated. By the virtue of social influences, February is a month for romance and love. It is a month of making special bonds. It is a time of defining statuses. It is time for evolving impressions into sentiments, which may translate into feelings and emotions. New bonds are created between two human beings. Romanticism is the chosen fragrance of the month. 

Over time, we have been identified as pack animals. We live in groups. We find security when we have bonded with another human as a pair. There is a shift in our brain chemistry. Our emotions trigger a sense of being loved, being fulfilled, and it is because that is the norm of the society. If the norm does not exist, we observe emotions of despair, isolation, something not being nice etc. 

So when this time rolled around there was no doubt in my mind what my curious brain would be observing. I was observing the emotion of romance and individuals. Individuals that were individuals and then the individuals within the relationship quantum. The relationship we all are in with ourselves and with others. It was very insightful. My discoveries were nothing new than what several researchers have already analyzed. Everyone has an expectation. Expectations with life, with others, with society, with groups we live in, and expectations with ourselves. I observed the vulnerability within each individual that stemmed from feeling secure. 

My observation also led me within my own skin. 

As Valentine’s Day rolled around, the tone of the environment changed to what are ones plans and what is ones expectation this time around. What will I be doing this year? This was not stemming from my personal status of being merely a unit. However, I was inquisitive as to my ability to recognize my relationship with myself. I was becoming more curious. The seed thought on deeper subjects has always intrigued me. I did look around. I still found myself to be a unit. This was acceptable to me. I was reaching for the fruit on the highest limb within my tree of life, and it was I. 

The day rolled around and the evening before as I sat there, my higher consciousness delivers me this thought, “Joy discover this day with respect to the love for yourself!” I listened. I contemplated. I was attentive. The thought soon became my observation. 

That day, I walked into work and discovered that there will be a flower sale by the cafe. I was delighted. Flowers are special to me for many splendid reasons. I had to go check them out. As I approached the flower display, I noticed there were no red roses; however, there were other beautiful colors. I decided. I will treat myself with flowers. I will use this gesture to acknowledge that I exist and within me, I am capable of responding to that emotion that exists within me. The next best emotion within that love was admiring how God loves me and has blessed me with my gifts. God has definitely allowed me to experience Him in wonderful ways that are unique to me just as you have your ways of resonating with the God energy.

Around the display were many people, volunteers, potential customers and me. I was enjoying the waves of emotion that was like the strings of the guitar and reverberations of a clarinet. It was music. It was a symphony. It was whimsical. It definitely carried a mixture of little bit of everything. The flowers that I requested were carefully chosen and put together. I did not even have to rearrange them. During the day I kept them at my desk and along with me, my coworkers enjoyed them. As I left for the day, I took them with me and enjoyed them for many days after.

I saw these flowers go through different stages and as each day passed, I relived that day. With recognition of the happenings of that day just perks me up. There was so much more to that day. Even as I parted with the wilted flowers and stiffening foliage, they were sending me a message. Their message was, “We could have chosen to be left in the field, but we chose to be a part of your life instead. We knew our blossoming would have been the best in our enriched soil and our environment but we wanted to blossom with you and part from your hands. We had a journey to experience together.”

A lot went on in terms of my awareness in that one day. I experienced The Natural Law of Attraction up close and personal, several times that day. They were not all romantically inclined but they are great pointers to me that if we allow ourselves the ability to attract situations in our life we will receive them. I met so many people in general that day just because I welcomed that energy. Some I remember some I do not. Some memories were created within that day, oddly pleasant, oddly strange, and oddly purposeful.

Alone, by listening to the small nudge within me has provided me to experience something splendidly wonderful. I am looking at life with an enhanced perspective. It definitely nudged me into the awareness of who I am, where I am and what I am. My journey to discovering self and the self is at a great harmony. I am allowing situations and events in my life that resonate with me that are mutually beneficial and healthy.

I made my Valentine’s Day great. I am thankful to God for touching my life in His many splendid ways. 

With gratitude to my parents and to all who have experienced love in some way, shape or form.

(Disclaimer : The origin of the quote in black and white is unknown to me, thus I do not take any credit for it. However, I express gratitude to it’s creator.)



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