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From my lens .. 1.1.2019

From my lens… 
Things from the past, I will not drag into this year,
I live courageously without any fear,
I will laugh and smile and shed not useless tear,
There is so much more to this life,
I will collect the pieces with tender care,
Life is a blessing not a burden to bear,
Teardrops and hurt, will be send to dirt,
There is so much more to this life,
I choose to love, love unconditionally I must,
No give and take, No fair exchange,
No territories No boundaries, only pure love,
There is so much more to this life,
I sent to the fire, as it danced and flailed,
The tiny details, of my wishes unfulfilled,
To the ether they went, and peace prevailed,
There is so much more to this life,
I will do my part, I take responsibility,
I will give to Spirit to the best of my ability,
I will receive, healing and my wishes delivered,
They are already destined and already done,
I know Spirit is at work night and day,
Guiding me, holding me, nudging me,
Reminding me each passing moment,
There is so much more to this life!!!
Written by – Joy Sagar
Few photo from my lens summarizing the last few days of 2018 rolling into 2019. Making a choice for healthy habits. I know the benefits as I already have tested and tried these before.
Spirit has a divine timing, maybe not the way I want, but it happens for the highest purpose. Big Thank YOU to Spirit World of course. Gratitude for all great experiences, great folks I have met, great bonds of friendships that developed and more and more…
There is a picture below of a fire, where a Spirit form emerges, and while I took the picture the goosebumps prevailed. The Spirit was at play. It was wonderful.
Have a wonderful start to this fabulous new year.
My Best – Joy Sagar
Joy Sagar of Cassadaga



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