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From my lens .. 11.23.2018

From my lens…

Today was interesting .. had to fly or flow or roll with the life. Nice time spent looking for a bigger lens. These shots are from different lenses I was testing.

Guess what though? They all do the same job .. capture images and bring them closer to us.

In human life we may translate this and call this perspective. Does not matter where we stand in life, how big or small we are, what our status is, but we have the ability to lean on to get the perspective and then keep focusing and keep seeking clearer and clearer view.

I am learning, learning that not every time an object is in clear focus carries a beauty in it. I am learning, learning that often obscure and out of focus elements are fun to reflect upon. Such is life as well.

My learning process with photography is fun thus far. It is educational and self introspective. Often self reflection is being observed and all of a sudden I am in a state of nothingness. I notice my brain is completely suspended into a near blissful state of discovery of God’s Immaculate Creation. Within those moments I find that I become one with everything and anything while allowing everything and anything to become one with me.

I am honoring & dedicating this observation to my mentors and teachers, those that have inspired me to keep working on my skills, those that have shown me how to keep my perspective refreshed, those that have given me clarity, those that have believed in me, those that have offered me love and guidance. I am honored to have you as a irreplaceable part of my life story. I AM Grateful.

xo _ Joy Sagar

Joy Sagar — is a Certified Medium-Healer-Teacher from Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, Cassadaga, FL. He enjoys speaking, writing about – Inspirational and Motivational subjects. Visit his website –



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