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From my lens ..5.12.2019

From my lens…
Today, I thought of my mother, who is with me all the time, as she continues her journey in the heavenly realm. I could feel her presence in my energy / auric field a few times. I am always grateful for that. I also thought of the mother figures in my life. I am honored that I have them as blessings around me. I feel blessed beyond words.

Excerpt from — “The Human Aura” pg 23
“Might I add that by nurturing the divine nature, man finds that the Aura will quite naturally resemble the ppresence in its radiant perfection. This is the pattern that appears in the heavens of God’s consciousness and that can appear in the heaven of every man’s consciousness; for it flows out from the seed pattern of perfection within man even as it manifests in the presence above.”

This book was a dollar find during the gala day at Cassadaga. I am enjoying it. The subject matter in discussion is The Human Aura. I will extend this to just a simple frame of reference — Aura. Everything and anything that has been in existence contains energy, and so on. We feel this energy. We “just” know it with a sense of knowing. Simple.

However, the thing to consider here is, what do we choose to carry within our auric fields? Since we cannot escape tricky situations and circumstances since they are all within the tapestry of life.
Every time I have an opportunity to say “Thank You” to the Infinite Spirit, I don’t miss a beat and say it out loud on occasions, and most often within my heart. Gratitude makes my world go round and round and round.

Gratitude leaves a remarkable imprint in the auric field.
I wish that you resonate with God’s consciousness within your auric vibration and be one with it. Amen.

xo – Joy Sagar

Joy Sagar – Medium, Healer & Teacher — lives and practices in Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp. He enjoys, reading, and exploring, Natural and Spiritual Laws.



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