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From my lens .. April 18, 2019

From my lens…
Quoting from a book titled, “Beautiful Road Home” by White Eagle as written on page 23…
“Brotherhood does not mean just doing as you like. Brotherhood means sharing, sharing both the blessings and the sufferings of your fellows; accepting with humility and faith the divine law which is at work on this earth plane — divine law working through the hearts of men and women, working through all human life, teaching lessons, revealing to all people the difference between good and evil, between selflessness and selfishness.
The wrong in the world cannot be put right by legislation alone. They can only be put right through the human heart. And do remember that people are not all at the same level of evolution spiritually; and those who have climbed a little higher up the mountain should not look critically on their brethren on the lower slopes. They should regard all men and women with love — not even with pity, but with love — knowing that all are moving up the mountain slopes until at last they reach the apex of the mountain when they become clothed in gold; not the gold of the earth but that lovely gold of God — THE GOLD OF LOVE.”
I woke up to this powerful and beautiful thought from White Eagles writing. Spoke directly to me. If you are reading this, I am sure this hits home for you as well.
Often, we get enamored and caught up on our self evolution that we diminish the evolution of others that are around us. Growth is not always linear and neither is Success. Consistency and Discipline are the key to growth and success.
Question you ask of yourself is — Am I evolving?
If yes, what does your evolution looks like?
If no, what does your evolution looks like?
#thoughtfulthursday may your day be blessed with loving kindness
— xo Joy Sagar of Cassadaga // Joy Sagar #joyofcassadaga



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