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From my Lens…week 51 of 52

From my lens….

Hope you have had a beautiful work week & now you get to give your very best to last minute Holiday preparations…

Back home in India — This would be the time schools would close and having all working parents in the household, we did not even start to prepare for Christmas festivities until 3PM today… Oh boy! it would be a frenzy by now, all the neighborhood kids just waiting by this time for a “GO” signal from our home… We all divided it up to our skillset, decorating outside of the house with lights, decorating inside with streamers and balloons and ornaments (mostly created by us), some would just dust the altar at home… NO ONE cared what religion that kid had, WE WERE ALL ONE, the spirit was of bringing this wonderful most awaited celebration to its final stage was the goal as this was the last holiday of the year… and with this festival we all would have mingled as a community with each others festival and holidays sharing happily in blood, sweat, tears, sorrows and joys.

One stick cannot withstand the strength of a strong influence, when few sticks are added together they withstand the strong influences differently, yet represent irrefutable strength. Each stick has its own inherent strength and its own inherent weakness. We are no different than that, we are all precious and unique individuals, host to our own inherent weaknesses, gifts and strengths. When we represent community, we represent strength, we represent unity, we represent oneness, we represent respect, we represent acceptance, we welcome difference, we welcome alliance, we welcome allowance.

Community at the end of the day is important! We all can survive individually but to an extent. Nothing moves towards success without the spirit as a community. Even the Spirit World honors the essence of community. United we stand. Divided we fall.

As you open your gifts, feel through them, what did it take for the gift to make it to your hands, what joy it has been to others, how it allowed a sense of purpose and sustenances to those that were a part of the gift. Try not to quantify it, simply feel the energy it holds. Once you receive the gift, in that moment you have joined the community of hands it has passed through, now you have formed a relationship with everyone who was a part of this materialization of your gift. YOU are now a part of a COMMUNITY.

My wish for us is to say a prayer for our world as as a gift on Christmas, to see us all united and strong as a ONE community of Love, Peace & Harmony.

Joy Sagar
Joy Sagar of Cassadaga



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