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Fruits of ….

the expression that says “I Love Myself” will always result and loving results.

Since January of this year I have told myself I love myself and I will take care of my physical body. And soon after that I have had series of beautiful fascinating results in my life and I manifested most beautiful things in my life today. 

I have Lost 28 pounds to this date. A major accomplishment, a major accomplishment. It makes me feel good about myself.  It also speaks that if anyone can keep their nose pointed straight in the direction they’re looking/seeking for they will get to their goal sooner or later, keep trying is the key.

So this morning I celebrate this achievement with a 80 calorie snack. 

I wish that you are allowing something terrific to occur in your life today. 

Manifest Health, Prosperity, well being, wholesomeness, relationships, brotherhood and camaraderie!

The results from the doctors visit were quite encouraging. All of my laboratory values have shown improvement, my ARNP was excited to share them with me more than myself. I am stoked by the sheer progress.

I’m focused and I am making improvement. There is a lot to be said about this years theme for myself. I gave myself a focal point for this year, which I will stay focused on, “strengthening” myself.  I am proving myself to stay on course. Ultimately, I will be the one to reap the benefits. 

My friends, focus, and you can do it too, does not make one bit of difference how you get there as long as you don’t loose focus and desire to get to your goal, time becomes irrelevant when you start noticing small or big results. GO FOR IT AND GO WITH THE GUSTO. 

Joy Sagar is a practicing Medium, Intuitice, Vedic Astrologer based on Cassadaga, Florida. Visit his website for details JoyOfCassadaga



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