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Lao Tzu said, “journey of a thousand miles begin with one step.” 

 This statement is so true in every almost every facet of our lives.  With every moment one day at a time, with each step one step at a time, we can walk towards a journey of a lifetime. One fraction of  a dream makes or breaks the completion of that dream. When we construct a building, each component from planning to final execution is crucial.

However within that process if you keep your self at a higher vibration,  it becomes easy to draw in or attract like minded energies.  These energies flow in a happy direction,  become productive and eventually their efforts bear the fruits of their labor. In between all this they do not cease to amaze each other, collaboration and teamwork becomes a second nature. 

Abraham says, “You cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.” 

Life is a journey. Every time you travel on this journey,  is like reading an inspiring and interesting novel. The thrill is in discovery of newer excitement every time you read it. Just like the road, often it is nice and smooth,  often it is bumpy, and often you have to go off road, and every once in a while there is construction and then there is detour.

So when I say,  Fall in love with your spirituality. I not only mean to say that we must desire to develop a sense of self in that regards but a sense of relationship with our spiritual self. 

We suggest to sit and meditate for yourself, just yourself and not for anyone else.

We chose to use the word love in this context of our understanding. Love is love and love alone is above all. The energy of love is powerful, dynamic, vivacious and colorful. Yet within love all things are possible. Yet within love everything that could be labeled as negative is dissolvable. 

Joy Sagar is a professional medium, intuitive, Vedic astrologer practicing in Cassadaga, Florida. 



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