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Happy Thanksgiving to all!

To all I say,

Be graciously THANKFUL to the bounty of Infinite Great Spirit, that watches over us in splendid ways, guides us to understand ourselves, protects us from ourselves, embraces our impurities as its own, and cleanses our souls with each passing moment.

To our ancestors, be thankful that they gave their blood, sweat, tears and happiness, to create for us an opportunity to be aware of our own strengths and the ripple effect it causes.

To the Mother Earth, as she nurtures us, even though we are negligent to it, it’s womb and its chord of life, still sustains us and provides what we need.

To all my fellow human beings I say I’m thankful to walk this earth plain with you.

To all my spirit loved ones, I say, I am ever more thankful, ever more thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Joy Sagar
Spirit led straight from the Heart!



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