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Have you ever felt so fearful of life that…

Have you ever felt so fearful of life that you didn’t want to open your eyes, just so you don’t have to face the music life is playing for you?

I am sure this is not an unseen, unheard, and unexperienced. I am sure this happens a lot, and all the time. Vulnerabilities of life have brushed us all one time or another. Our status, our success etc. are not immune to it either. What does one do? Does one stay in that state? I am to believe, to be in this state is not the greatest existence but surely it is not the worst either.

Fear is real. Fear is tangible. Fear is omnipresent. Fear is what fear is and fear does what fear does. Fear makes us questions ourselves. Fear makes us re-think our processes. Fear harbors disruptions and interruptions. Fear is root to necessary synonyms that never gets associated with nearly anything positive. Yet, fear is the genesis of all synonyms that associate with nearly everything positive.

For instance, think of this as a photo lab process. It is imperative to have darkness to produce the optimal environment to create good images or images at all. The room has all tools and equipment’s and all essentials. There is a switch that can be flipped on and off, for illumination or the processing room. Think of this in relation to our own being. Within ourselves we contain all essentials. Within ourselves we harness all details. Within ourselves we have unlimited potentials. Within ourselves we have the desire to either stay dark and dungy or illuminated. Within ourselves we have ability to turn that “LIGHT ON” & “LIGHT OFF” switch.

When life becomes fearful and/or life situations pushes us into the “processing lab”, we must remember that our option to turn the illuminating switch on or off always stays within us. The desire to look for that one pinhole that allows the light in, is the key activity in the whole mix of situation. Despair earns sympathy, empathy and apathy. Sympathy, empathy or apathy can be soothing and addictive given how despondent one is in their minds.

When we observe ourselves to be associating with fearful situations or fear itself we are in a state of “extreme” power. We are in that moment to choose to “give in” or “stay up”. Fight or flight becomes surreal. However, we discover, through our inner strength what we can do in that instance. We can use fear as a co-creator of magnificence. We can allow that pinhole of hope, encouragement and/or empowerment to illuminate our darkest moments.

Do you allow fear? Do you give allegiance to fear? Do you fear, fear? Or do you allow yourself to be the beacon and shine it out of your being?



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