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I felt like a little kid…

Well, the day did not start on a normal routine. It threw off rest of the day. Nothing alarming, just simple nuances of life. Anyhow, went to work. Worked hard. Time flew by when you are having fun. I headed out from work.

As I was walking past the cafeteria exit, I saw this glowing, portal of ice cream refrigerator. It was calling my name. It said in a hollow sounding voice…”Joy”, “Joy”, Joy”…. I listened. I peeked in to see who is that calls out for Joy. There were all kind of delicious delights in there. Some were sitting upright, some were relaxed on their backs, some were showing signs of tiredness, some were hiding behind the other and some were like upfront like greeters at a fancy delicatessen.

I peeked in and it peaked my interest of a savory, sugary, creamy, ice cold deliciousness of an ice cream. Aha! there was an “orange dream bar” and it did look dreamy to me. I must get it. So I did. It was that simple.

(Image Source: Blue Bunny/Walmart)

So I stepped outside with my ice cream bar while talking to a colleague. Okay! I was perhaps the listener as a savored the flavor. Mmm mmm mmmmmm was it good. It was great. Did I say “Great”. It was pure joy. I noticed the heat outside was making it melt. I still could not help but savor it slow. It started to really melt. I was very conscious of the melting drops of the Orange Dream Bar so that it did not mess up my civil clothes. I finished it. With excitement of being cognoscente of not letting it drop on my t shirt and anticipation of the same. I inspected myself. I found few orange-ish run off drops on my t shirt. Oh no! you may think was my reaction. Nope! I did not react like that. I actually felt like a proud kid. I turned from 41 to 4 in a moments notice. I remembered how I enjoyed the same when I was little. My favorite activity in the summer holiday. STOP! the street vendor and get the milk bar or orange bar. They were all delicious.

Well, there after I went to TJMAXX, +BELK (for shopping) and Angelina’s for dinner. Yes! in my reminiscing t shirt that boasted my Orange Dream Bar. The cashier had a unique look on the face as I was checking out of the store. I was observing the reactions. Within me the kid was giddy with ecstatic happiness. 

Truth be known, I was conscious for first few minutes but then the inner child went to play and I let go of the conscious and all observing adult in me. Every now and then I would feel the stains and made sure they were still there. Each time I did that I smiled. It meant something to me.

What did I experience today? What brought this on? What is the settling thought with this act? I am not sure how to break it down but it sure felt amusing. I take from this that it is always the social rules and regulations that lock up the kid within. I enjoyed “letting go” of myself and “just be” “in the moment” and “have fun with it”. Once I stepped into the kid phase, I had no worries, no embarrassment, no guilt, no negatives. 

This morning I read it on +Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp website this following quote, Your innermost sense of self, of who you are, is inseparable from stillness. This is the I Am that is deeper than name and form.” Eckhart Tolle. How valid is +Eckhart Tolle in this observation in relation to my experience this afternoon. I can relate and perhaps you can relate too as you read this and you are reminded of all the fun activities that you have stopped participating with as a grown up.

Let us all go back and be kids where we are all in for fun fun fun and more fun.

Joy Sagar is a Medium, Intuitive Message Bearer, An Aspiring Public Speaker at Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp. He is available for private consultations in person or via phone, and skype. (



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