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If everything is in Divine Timing…

This happened, and That happened. It went the way I wanted to go. But, it did not go the way I wanted it to go. I was not expecting this reaction. I was wondering why this event took place, etc.

When we say that everything happening is in divine timing, does this imply that everything we experience is predetermined? (A thought to ponder in its entirety yet separately.)

Almost everyone is grateful and appreciative of all the good, but what about the unsavory ones? In my contemplation, I was not seeking an excuse to justify or find a reasonable argument to counter what could have made sense. 

However, while contemplating, here is a thought that arrived in my subconscious mind.

Suppose everything is in Divine Timing, within the natural laws of action and reaction, consequences, cause and effect, and other similar natural and spiritual laws. Thus, everything is in its divine timing. In that case, the experience becomes a relieving observation regardless of the outcome. 

No, this is not a placebo to justify an experience as more or less. Think about it, and if it is hard to think, then shift yourself to the knowledge of the other end of your circumstance, you may be able to grasp it better. How, you may ask? Everything that we experience holds the potential for growth and expansion. Equal opportunity for becoming more than what you are with each experience. 

We don’t have all the answers and cannot have all the insights into every aspect of our lives. It is just not possible. But, going back to my early childhood, I kept oscillating between the following thought and even later in my adult years.

I am an extension of the Divine, and everyone is too. If we are the reflection of The Divine, then we are a reflection of The Divine in its entirety and not selectively. The Divine gets credit for all the “Oh-Yes’s” of my life, so why can’t I offer the credit to my “Oh-No’s” to the Divine as well? After that, I incorporated that mindset. When I succeed, The Divine Succeeds; When I fail, The Divine Fails. This practice made every perspective of life simple.

Indeed, everything happening within the order and chaos at all times is happening in The Divine Timing, uniquely, individually, and cumulatively, to us, for us, and by us. And this gentle nudge pushes me to take ownership of my journey and what may unfold.



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