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If YOU just LET it BE !

If You just LET it BE!

My thoughts are my wisdom,
they are my here and now,
they are my truth and they are my reality,
These are moments of Hmmm, Haa, Aha!
Because they speak to me,
turning to be my leap of faith,
Neither right or wrong,
to my own tune each moment,
with each word they become a song,
The whistle, the bell, the gong,
from USA to Hong Kong,
there is no limit where they can be,
From up above and so below,
from black and blue to red and yellow,
colors of my life they are to be,
Knowing what is Yours,
knowing what is mine,
it is a walk on a very fine line,
Like Lotus blossoms,
dew drops fall,
Like shrubs are short, 
and trees are tall,
In Love and Pain,
or Loss and Gain,
even in War and Suffering,
Spiritualism teaches me,
reformation is possible,
no matter where I will be,
Thus, When nothing else matters,
Turning inwards I am within me,
And I Let GO, I Let GO and just Let it BE!!
– a poem by Joy Sagar (



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