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I don’t know what I’m looking for,
Mind roars while heart is silent to the core,
What do I make of it I don’t know at all,
It’s June and I’m hoping for snowfall,
Changes changes changes I see,
Stay on course or should I flee,
Dear universe I’m unclear so hold my hand,
Illuminate me, Guide me, Strengthen me,
As I make choices and take a stand,
I’m with you as you’re with me.

Ah! Don’t we all love when we need that wee bit of clarity but it is no where closer to be found. What do we do in that situation? Fight or flight!!! What are the other viable options?

I often find myself trying to beat the odds myself. Most cases it is rewarding. But quite often I have to just give in to the universe and just let it be. However it’s easier said then done. There are so many variables in life which do not help the cause. Simple events become complex. Whoa! Y’all have never experienced such thing in life.

Life is a learning curve. It would be pretty mundane and boring if it were. Just think if our life had no colors in it. Just black and white. What would it be like? Maybe okay for a while maybe not or perhaps we would not know any better.

Our processes in the universal law can be simplified by a single follow through, by trust.
Often developing trust can be testy. Our scatter brain or monkey mind does hinder our progress in building trust with the universe. If we know what we desire and want. Why do we need any secondary opinion. We seek answers everywhere but in our trust into the universal laws.

Most likely we are not sure of our strengths and we do not know if we have the needed courage to execute those changes.

Affirmation: I’m a little spark of the infinite spirit that upholds the universal laws and thus I am one with the universal laws.



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