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Following my thoughts through various flights, I was taken through a mature garden of roses. It reminds me of a magnificent example of life. There IS beauty. There IS fragrance. There IS sticky situation. There IS daintiness. There IS pain. There IS a natural reminder of what life IS all about. Exploring this thought, I reflect how we resonate with it. 

We human minds create our own happiness and unhappiness by living mostly over our whim and fancy. We dislodge from realty frequently and create disharmony in our environment. Before we recognize the patterns this derailment of life causes, often it is too late. However, the key IS that moment of recognition, in which you have that gentle awareness of something is not in sync.
It is to anyone’s benefit to recognize that moment and PAUSE. That brief pause IS the one key of many situations in our life. When we are in that in between state, we are evaluating, assessing and accessing the nature’s wonderful rhythms and patterns. Then, we go and make an attempt to synchronize those rhythms and patterns to our own. Allowance to open ones heart and mind IS not a matter of weakness or vulnerability but a great sense of acknowledgement that we all are human. It is a strong sign that one IS very much in awareness of their natural patterns that are in effect in any given moment.
Should we acknowledge that those moments are of lesser greatness? Absolutely, not. In fact those are a strong indication of the path one IS walking on. The path IS filled with conscious awareness that being in forward motion IS wiser choice. Each incident in ones life, where it calls upon to evaluate and assess, promotes an effect of flow and fluidity in life. Stronger and wiser it makes ONE. Each pass of events brings the universal truth closer, that as we create our own happiness and unhappiness, we are what we make of ourselves. 



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