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Kite on a String

I feel Cheer,
I feel Sadness.

It’s cold outside,
But you are not here.

The pasture is green,
Full of cow and deer.

Marshmallows and Cocoa,
Fireplace with skewers.

When I turn around,
There is no one near.

My heart pounds,
It skips a beat.

I have hope,
I see defeat.

The shimmer in eyes,
Is brought by tears.

Wine in the bottle,
Thoughts on Full throttle.

It’s turning to spring,
Yet if feels like fall.

I pray for clouds,
To drowning rainfall.

Ice creams and shakes,
Pastries and Cakes.

Nothing can make up,
The world so shook up.

With strength in my faith,
I sing, I will survive…

Soon this fall will be over,
Freshness the spring will bring,
Like a kite your memories,
Soon will be afar fastened on a string.



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