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Lens of Camera can Capture too

Is it pleasurable,
The distance,
The silence,
The busyness,
The chaos,
The ayi yai ai,
The thought,
The caress,
The care, 
The flare,
The long hours,
The persistent you,
The chores galore,
The long drives,
The lunch with friends,
The war within,
The spreading thin,
Sacrifices all over,
Time too fast,
Last or first,
First or last,
Running time,
With the seconds hand,
It’s a game of chess,
Sometimes smooth,
Sometimes a mess,
The fort and the horse,
Easy or worse,
The poetry and tears,
Laughter in fears,
The whitening light,
Startling and fright,
The halo exists,
The sage insists,
The blossoming me,
The wilting me,
The saddened me,
The joyful me,
All within me,
The thoughtful words,
The praise in voice,
The strength in them,
Encourage me now,
Oh no or maybe wow,
Is it peaceful,
Within the hollows,
Is it or it is,
The lens of camera,
Can capture too,
The depth of you,
There’s sparkle in the eyes,
But where are you…..
Written by Joy Sagar 05/29/2014



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