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Let’s See…

Let’s see…

Today is A very important day in our lives. All who read this shall realize that we are alive and coherent since we are making sense of this. We can find one little thing in our lives today and express gratitude for it. It can be the smallest thing or event in our lives.

Just giving a little tincy wincy itsy bitsy conscious thought towards the blessings or near close blessings, even our thoughts towards our faillures that detoured and rearranged our lives in a different directions than where we started from can be recognized as a turning point in our lives.

One little gesture of smile, a genuine gesture of smile that travels straight from your mind to your heart to your face, has the capability to heal and sooth. So smile today, smile tomorrow perhaps just make it a conscious and subconious habit.

Smiling is very good substitute when we are not at the greatest point in our lives, in our psyche that has the capability to elevate our mood and bring us out of the hole and allows us to get back on the path. Smile is like a small ray of sunshine on a day full of overcast and grey clouds. That small ray of sunshine brings us that cheer of Aha! that this overcast is not permanent.

So including my Joy-self alongwith yourself, let us find one thing or more to smile about. If not let us laugh together and uplift each other through the course of the day. CHEERS!!!

In the words of Mark Twain, “The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.”

Peace and Joy to Everyone!



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