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Life from the fish bowl…

Life from the fish bowl…

Even though life for a fish in a fish bowl could be very limiting when compared to a fish in open waters. 

However, there are pluses to this too. Someone is there to care for the fish, to feed them in a timely manner, changes the water, look at them and try to talk to them, less susceptible to bigger elements of prey.

For me looking outside of my fish bowl I am enjoying what is constructing my environment. Instead of fighting it, I am learning adaptability. The ability to think outside the bowl and to aspire, that when my fins and body grow larger the universe will allow an opportunity of expansion.

Where my focus is not to be bothered by the thorns on the rose stem but to be elated with the mesmerizing  charm of the roses. To smell them and feel them and to appreciate for the beauty and lessons it carries. 

Today, life is nothing short of a blessing. Today, I am forever grateful for all that makes me happy. Today, I am a powerful magnet that is understanding and validating law of attraction. Today, I am thankful for not giving up on the compassion. Today, I am thankful for LOVE. Today, I am thankful for a thoughtful companion. Today, I am grateful for my gifts. Today, I am being cheered on by life. Today, I can play along with life. Today, I am thankful for being me.

I’m appreciative of all that exists in the universe and make our universe a fun place to live. I am also appreciative of all the chaos around us because it brings us hope and strength to look beyond the grim and harsh truth of life. 


Have a uplifting week….



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