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Life is a GREAT stage for SELF-Mastery…

In our pursuit of awakening, or self realization, we shed a lot of layers. Often in awareness and often unaware. Our focus ought to be on shedding layers and not taking on. In all encompassing reality, we do not take on any new layers or keep any existing layers. We release, layers upon layers. As we shed layers, we must seek to simplify.

The idea is not to have an identity. The idea of not having any identity or taking on anything and becoming nothing and becoming unidentifiable with anything but be everything and everything is important. The oneness with GOD essence is all it required to be in the blissful state.

Life is a GREAT stage for SELF-Mastery.

In an illusive way, we feel on occasion we are wiser & every now and then we find ourself competing with our “self”. Which area of our life needs nurturing, our desire for academics, our wish to improve our value, our hope that our skillset never becomes obsolete, our inspiration to stay relevant yet firm in our pursuit of awakening.

I AM wishing, hoping, wanting, desiring, aspiring to be one with the I AM.

Often we are lost in the “I”, and it is burdensome, until that version of I allows to resonate with being one with everything. We must try to remember, what we shed is enough to leave our residual energetic essence. Soon recognizing, we start to leave an awakened version of our layers.

However, we must endeavor to be mindful at all times.

Om Tat Sat — @joysagar



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