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Life is amazing… If you live in awareness!

Life is amazing… If you live in awareness!
Well I’m off today from work, my brain knows this but my body clock knows what’s best. The body clock wakes me up at my normal time. So my brain wanders, scanning through life… Laying on my back my eyes peek out the window, it’s not dawn yet…it’s still dark outside. Whoops brain goes back to scan through historic files. I stopped resisting and just observe. I simply observe. I simply observe.
Facebook could be your worst social enemy and the best inspiration. Amidst of my observation I come across Karen Heasleys post (image below). This image hit home. What I observed in above paragraph is valid. 
We as humans do this constantly. We live in our past and future more than the present. This says be mindful of self talk and I was mindful of my wandering brain. I was mindful of its self debilitating pattern. It was like it says, a conversation with the universe. The universe that existed. The universe that once served a purpose. The historical universe. Yet, I was mindful to step back and just observe. Just simply observe.
Flash went off in the head as the daylight broke… Get up and get moving. Let the #energy flow. Make it work. I took heed and followed my #innerguidance and went on a brisk walk. It was refreshing. I had Indian classical music playing simply invigorating my steps. I met folks, Sadie the dog, a cat on a leash, and another cat on the stump. I saw wild flowers and wild vegetation. I saw cracks in the road, uneven terrain of the grounds, I viewed glistening sunshine on the grass in #spiritpond, and road noise in distance.
It was amazing… How all this tells me there is no such thing as perfection, at least in tangible universe. There is no such thing as perfect emotional quality. The variations even depend on how you look at the same object and it still may differ from the individual next to you. Ah! Perception, is imperfection at its best. 
I went to the center of me. Almost to the heart chakra. Brimming with infinite resonance. It’s mine. It’s different than yours. It’s special though just like yours.
I step back to get in the home. And this song comes on,
“Vaishnav jam to tend kahiye je peed parayie jane re,
Par dukhe upkaar kare to ye man abhiman na aane re.”
वैष्णव जन तो तेने कहिये जे पीड परायी जाणे रे।
पर दुःखे उपकार करे तो ये मन अभिमान न आणे रे॥
Vaishnava (devotees of Lord Vishnu) people are those who, Feel the pain of others, Help those who are in misery, But never let ego or conceit enter their mind.
(Source: this link has full translation of this song paragraph by paragraph. 
#mahatamagandhi loved this song. He always played this at his daily prayer. Talk about an inspiration on a daily basis.
How many of us in other instances take our life experiences and let them alter who we were? How we were in the ages of non-judgement which is between 3-5 years? Life keeps spinning and it spins us along with it. In the moments of life that scrolled past by me early on, I recognized. I recognized that almost none have impacted me, changed me, altered me, on a heart level. I learned. I accepted setback. I pondered on the setback. I took rejections in a stride. I paid attention. All this observation has made me a trooper. I can withstand life. I can take on what life throws at me.

The above image was given as an inspiration to me the other morning. Specifically spirit said to look for these words from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. I was amazed how I found them in an instant. It spoke to my heart. I believe spirit is inspiring me to stay with the program. The #Universe is energizing me. Thought after thought. Pattern after pattern. Inspiration after inspiration. And I am #payingattention. I am taking stock.
My beloved teachers watch over me in spirit and in real time. My friends surround me. My coworkers are the best amongst all of my encouraging supporters. My foes help me discover myself. My energies just simply resonate with love. Love alone is and has been my greatest healer. 
God manifests His love in My Heart, sometimes through love and sometimes through pain to see if I have endurance for cultivating love in adversity. I’m fulfilling my part.
I am abundant and blessed beyond words!
Joy Sagar



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