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Life is nothing but timing…

Life is nothing but TIMING…

From the time you were born to this day as you read this our lives have been nothing but a GREAT benefactor from timing.
My personal pursuits on various occasions have proved the impeccability of timing. Just for example, today I had a very busy schedule. Waking up at early hours of the morning, then going to work. I had to precisely time my appointment with the Dean of Financial Aid at Daytona State College right after work. I had no idea when I would be finishing that or what else I will end up doing following that. I had ZERO plan for eating and dining and even cooking for dinner. Well in fact I was not even thinking about it.
My phone buzzed. My angel friend texted me. Joy there is some food in the refrigerator from the Ashram in Casselberry. Some Rice with yogurt dish. PERFECT TIMING. Joy just hit the jackpot. Pure Vegetarian food that too blessed by the energy vibrations of the Ashram. Well that eased my mind and allowed me to focus even more to the task at hand.  THANK YOU Friend for delivering me Kadi (yogurt dish) Chawal (rice).
My meeting at Daytona State College with the Dean was filled with goodness. NO was not a part of the conversation. POSSIBILITIES were very much so the foundation. The staff in the student area was great. Even at the preliminary conversation was very simple and friendly. 
What is going on? I ask myself often when events in my life fall in place. Being Human first impression comes to mind, which is nothing less than EGO driven – I DID IT. Then the classical programming kicks in and I find that I am in harmony with universe and my beliefs concurrently. I usually  try the humanistic attempts and let myself run ragged to find solutions to situations. But, as soon as I give up MY efforts and rest my case in the hands of NATURAL TIMING, events happen.
What do I learn? Trust in the processes of universe. Effort is compensated in accordance with the radiance of your inner solace. Often in the background I hear KARMA. Sure it is KARMA. My KARMA is to TRUST in the UNIVERSE. So the universe responds to it by rewarding me. I do my part sincerely and the universe responds.
By the end of this week, I will do my part by completing the paperwork etc. and facilitate the universe to propel me towards completing AA.
DEAR GOD, INFINITE INTELLIGENCE, UNIVERSE I thank thee from the bottom of my heart for your love, kindness and generosity.



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