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Live from the Grounds of Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp.

I was here in Cassadaga eight years ago with some friends and relatives. Who knew at that time that my life path would change. The openness to the universe has always served best for me. Often I start from being in control of situations in my life. In some instances I am able to guide myself in a sort of controlled situation towards the outcome. In many circumstances situations guide me towards the desired outcome. Most scenarios UNIVERSE has it’s own pace and timing to guide me. I am sure we all experience these similarities.

Subtle hints and indicators that more than likely appear to be annoyances often are the best signs of life. These signs give us a hint to STOP, REGROUP, RE-FOCUS, PAUSE & RE-START.

Sitting here on the bench in Spirit Pond looking at this scene was the best view of the day. The beautiful clouds, gentle breeze rustling the palm frons, cleared spirit pond waiting to be full again, the trees in the back and just everything was so calming and assuring. The assurance was in this universe, our nature is the best example to live by. Everything changes. Those clouds in the background were changing their shape and form due to the wind and other climate conditions. The grass will grow until it is ready to be mowed.

Our lives are such too. Our subtle vibrations set the tone to our dreams, visions and the happenings in our living world. It is necessary to merge our physical actions with our subtle vibrations to get the necessary results. By doing so we are not confusing the UNIVERSE. Our aspirations need to be our inspirations and vice versa. 

Vibrational UNIVERSE is waiting to RESONATE with us!



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