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Locate your inner Joy! (Outline of my talk July 2013)


Please join me with poise and respect towards those that you consider to be your mentors and Guru’s – these are people of importance. They could be your parents, teachers, guides or someone who crossed your path and changed your outlook on life. Hold them close to your heart as I recite to express my Gratitude to My GURU’s that are alive and those that are in SPIRIT with me.

Guru Govind ………….! Thanks to you My Guru for leading me to GOD.

This is an awesome day filled with sunshine, life, and great folks present here in togetherness. Above all today is all about JOY. I thought why not let it be the theme for today. I will be sharing my perspective of Joy with you.

Sharing a very personal experience.

My mother hid her illness from all of her family until it was too late and too far in the scheme of things for recovery. She was a Registered Nurse by profession so she was observing all the changes within her with full awareness. Only because she could not contain her symptoms she decided to tell us about what she was going through and of course it left us distraught. She was suffering through stage 2 of breast cancer and it was spreading fast at that point.

We asked her why did she not tell us early on so that some preventative steps could be taken and so forth. We asked her why did she do that. She responded, She made a conscious choice to do so simply because she was looking at bigger responsibilities at hand than her own happiness.

That’s just who she was. She always put others first no matter what her personal situation was at that time. She always reached out to someone who needed true help. Never claimed recognition for any of it. She gave up her parts of happiness to gain great joy through her sacrifices. It was all present in her persona.

Just a few days before her passing, she calls me and asks me. If anything was to happen to her “will I be okay?”, “do I feel safe and secure?” My response was Yes, I feel secure within the family. She gently squeezed my hand and smiled. It was in that moment I witnessed great love through the joy within her heart.

The word happiness shares its root from happening. So unless if its not happening there is no happiness. Thus, Happiness is temporary. Happiness has a shelf life. Happiness is moment by moment. Happiness has a start and stop. Happiness is responses to our sensory perception.

Weather forecast for a sunny day makes us happy. A good progressive stock market makes everyone happy. We are happy that our passage to Cassadaga was uneventful. We are happy in relative terms which are purely external.

On the other hand Joy is internal, A mother finds JOY in the progress and success of her kids, A farmer finds JOY in his fields, A selfless act of volunteering is capable of generating JOY, Great Leaders of the world have found their JOY in encouraging others towards better and greater things. Mahatama Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale found their Joys in their works of leadership by example. Mentors and Guru’s do not find JOY in their profound knowledge but their JOY lays in the upliftment of their followers.

Paraphrasing Robert Holden, Joy is an emotion that dwells within us. It is the aspect of life that surpasses all trials and tribulations of life. When we participate with joy in any activity it instantly shows in the results. The true sense or feeling of joy is unreasonable happiness. It constantly exists. It never goes away. What comes and goes is our awareness.

So here is the encouragement that lies within our self. As we begin to recognize and associate ourselves with our memories. Pause and evaluate as if they are bringing us happiness or joy. As we become more and more aware of our state of inner joy we will recognize and that it is evolving and changing at all times and yet stay eternal. It is like a never& ending chocolate fondue. The feeling of joyfulness enamors our essence. It is this blissful feeling of everlasting richness in our personalities.

In the past when I pondered about all things this universe has decorated my life with, all the different experiences, I often tried to categorize them into happy or sad even good or bad experiences. The tapestry of my life represents different aspects and I can say it with confidence – My life is truly blessed and filled with the blissful joy.

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp has always served as a great venue to shake hands with spiritualism. To be able to walk, talk and breath aspects of spiritualism and yet it always reminds of our greatest virtue to make choices.

By the nature and scope of our practice as Spiritualist Mediums & Healers we share grief, loss of a loved one, sadness and other difficult situations that are presented to us. I am sure to say all of practicing mediums and healers present here can acknowledge and relate to the joy they have experienced when they witness these same feelings resolve into a smile or an improvement in outlook. As spiritualism is evolving, be this be known, as we serve unto our declaration of principles with joy. We are bound to unfold the mysteries of life that there is a life after death and it is evolving.

I conclude with the words of Mother Teresa, “One Filled with Joy Preaches Without Preaching.”

Thank You Everyone for being present here today.

Spirit led straight from the Heart,
Joy Sagar

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