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Memories wash ashore…

Memories wash ashore,

It’s like waves hitting,
The banks of the beach wall,
They come frolicking,
Dancing and prancing,
They break in million drops,
Like tears from the eyes,
Carrying pain, sorrow,
Disappointment and failure,
Within the human reach,
Beating the soul up,
Like waves on the beach wall,
What can be done now,
How can history not repeat,
To know it too is like,
The molecules of water,
That wash up ashore,
Like waves from the ocean,
Never to copy each other’s course,
The flake of the snow,
Falling off the sky,
The geometry of each,
To each his own,
Once again a wave of emotion,
Washes up the eye banks,
Breaking yet another lore.
Written by: Joy Sagar 7.18.2014



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